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  1. Hi pete i'm try to download and install the new version of the fauipc but i can't find the cdu display offset for the 737 pmdg can yuo implement it?thanks
  2. I'm confusing becose i can't find an offset for create a windows like a ipc.display and not a green line with a text...
  3. Sorry but i don't understand,by external program ,i can create a windows with my menu like a uipc.windows method in lua? Thank you so much.
  4. The offset for use a menu like radar contact by external program... Thank you!
  5. I'm sorry but i can't find this two offset...
  6. Hi, Can i create a pop-up into fsx to interact with the user like a atc menù? Thank you
  7. Thank you aso mouch for your reply... I try this way!
  8. Hi i'm sorry for my english. Can i write a 737 pmdg's offset? I use a c#...
  9. Sorry Pete i have another question if i can. but you use simconnect to interface fsuipc with the simulator?with vs2010?
  10. I have find it in the last version of the file header,at the beggining of the file there is the definition,and from row 523 to row 560 there is the structure and the array... Thanks thank too much
  11. My problem is...on file header there is a structure with the cdu data,but i can read this structure only by simconnect and not by fsuipc. Can you implement this structure un fsuipc?:)
  12. Hi pete,first of all i'm sorry for my english. Can i read the data from cdu of the 737 pmdg? Thanks for reply
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