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  1. I use 8192 and 16384 for both course and heading. Chris.
  2. Hi Frank. From what you describe, it sound like the same problem I encountered. What I noticed when connecting via a LUA script was that all of the events that I was monitoring would be called on startup and the resulting values were sent from LUA to Arduino. I was only receiving a half dozen or so of these messages on the Arduino side. The rest were either lost or corrupt. After startup and things settled down, everything worked fine. I send all of my com writes via my own function and log what I send to a text file. I could then see exactly what was sent to the Ard
  3. Greetings from Sunny Sydney. I am so pleased that this worked for you. Christopher Bell.
  4. Hi Father Dane, The following LUA code will do what you require. Just copy and paste it into Notepad and save the file with a .lua extension. eg: 'PMDG_737_NGX_IRS.lua' The file needs to be placed in you Modules folder for FSUIPC to see it. You will then be able to assign this lUA script to a switch, or as many switches as you like, in the usual way. It will be listed as 'Lua PMDG 737 NGX IRS' You need to set the Parameter option to select what you wish it to do. Parameter of 10 will set the Left IRS to OFF Parameter of 12 will set the Left IRS
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