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Re: FSUIPC/SquawkBox in FS9

Guest Ciarán

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Guest Ciarán


My problem is as follows. I've been wanting to fly on VATSim for a long while now and have downloaded all the necessary programs. These are: HostSB.dll (now in my Modules folder), SBRelay (in my Downloads folder), Squawkbox (installed to Program Files), FSUIPC (extracted to downloads and then the module put in the Modules folder). I have had three/four different tutorials running but I've had to convert most of them to an FS9 style of loading.

I've done it all as stated by the tutorials, got into the game (including the HostSB.dll error on startup) but when I am in game, and loaded SBHost, SBRelay and SquawkBox, I have the darker grey (main window) up and right click to press Connect. When I do this, I get one of two messages:


The attempt to connect was forcefully rejected.


The attempt to connect timed out before connecting.

I managed to stop getting those errors, and got into a screen which told me there was someone called BA918L in my session too. I thought maybe I'd have connected at last until some writing comes up in my SB main window saying "Download FSUIPC.dll from http://www.simclients.com and read the enclosed readme.txt"

The FSUIPC.dll it refers to is already in my Modules folder, SimClients is down and FSUIPC didn't come with a readme.txt, just two long guides and a history. I've read the former two.

Any ideas on what I'm supposed to do? I feel as though I'm jumping through hoops that just lead me in circles!

Also, what program allows me to see what other planes are nearby me on an online session in a radar format?


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The message you got telling you to download FSUIPC should have been fixed provided that you have successfully entered the Squawkbox key.

If you're having trouble connecting to VATSIM, you probably need to update the ipaddr.txt file in your Squawkbox folder with the latest server list. You can do this using ServInfo, or manually by editing the file with the information available on the VATSIM 'Who's online' page, which is linked to from the VATSIM home page.

To view aircraft in a radar format (ie for controlling not flying), you need ASRC.

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