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Peter is on holiday, but someone maybe could help.

I mapped my MCP and a RP48 to use the PMDG 737.

Everything works but something is strange. I mapped the "on/off" autopilot button and, when I switch it off in flight, I cannot switch it on again using that particular button.

BUT, I also mapped in on my yoke and, with this button, it works fine, I can switch it on and off without any problems.

Could someone try to repro this and tell me if it works for them ?

--> Take off

--> Turn on autopilot using MCP on/off button

--> Turn off autopilot using MPP on/off button

See if it works. Sometimes, I can do it twice but it will not work the third time. It make a sound like if the autopilot was disengaged.

Very strange. Not a catastrophy since I can use the button on the yoke (great for emergency switch off), but I would like to know if it comes from my system.



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Hi Ben,

Thanks for your answer. it does fix the thing but the MCP is blank. This means that, if you want to use a "regular" plane, you need to put the DLL back in.

I discovered that, lowering the emergency stop button, fixed the thing and now it is working in both positions... Arrgghhh. Well, at least it is working....

I also had a problem with the TOGA button (I should not have assigned it with the default GoFlight driver). Maybe it was the cause...



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it would seem then the problem is the result of planes which are coded with thir own internal gauges.

Typically, the MCP.DLL will read and write values to the GF-MCP. In your case and indeed mine, the PMDG works differently than other default planes, in that it has its own built in gauges.

So, removing the MCP.DLL stops the GF code from running and hence the displays. Leaving it in, means you now have 2 different sets of software interfacing with the GF-MCP and in different ways. Unfortunately this will always lead to a mess :(


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Do I understand from the above that FSUIPC makes the GoFlight MCP fully compatible with the 737 PMDG NG and the Airbus PSS A320 auto-pilots? I did read about the GoFlight being supported but did not find detailed explanations.

Please kindly clarify because I sought some clear answers to these questions before but did not get any, since this would be for me the reason to buy the FSUIPC license, I have no real use for the other proposed modules.

Many thanks for your help!

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No, FSUIPC cannot fully implement the full MCP. It does not for example send any information to displays.

What Pete has done, is allow FSUIPC to notified of button and dial changes on Go-FLight modules. From that, we can tell FSUIPC what keys or commands to send to FS once a certain button/dial has changed.

I don't wish to speak for Pete, but I doubt he is going to get into a situation of intercepting and sending formatted information to GoFlight modules.



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