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  1. Welcome back Sir, I think I might speak for everyone when I say, your holiday was well earned and trust it was well enjoyed ! Ben
  2. Hi Javier There are a few problems in using GF-MCP with special aircraft like the PMDG 737. 1. Unlike standard FS aircraft, planes like PMDG737 are coded by hand by their authors and do not necessarily conform to "standards". 2. The GF-MCP uses a dll in the fs modules folder which handles the reading and writing of values to/from the MCP displays. 3. If the aircarft being used does not conform, then it just won't work. You can try, removing the mcp.dll and see if that works, but be aware then that there is no software to update the MCP displays. To my knowledge, PMDG are releasing an SDK to allow third party coder to interface with eir flight model and operations. Using this would I expect alleviate all problems. HTH Ben
  3. Dear friends, This thief is simply on an ego hunt. He wants nothing more than for us to admonish his acts so he can attempt to offer more of his advice. In high probability his talents range no further than childish hacking. Something he feels will gain him some respect. I propose that no-one post any more replies to this idiot. To post more is to feed his ego appetite. Ben
  4. You are talking about the people who only get $5 pocket money per chance? Speaking for myself, I spend more on cigarettes a week than I did to Pete. Serious money? Hardly. I think you mis-typed and meant to say EGO... Security Risk? What risk is it that you speak of? I know of no threat by FSUIPC to any of my systems? Maybe, in your simple outlook on life, morality and justifications, you can explain to us, the exact nature of this security risk? If by some freak of nature, you mean that it can be hacked by children such as yourself, for the purpose of theft from the author, then I fear once again, you are mistaken. Hacking software for the purpose of using that software without paying the author is theft. Plain and simple. I don't like speaking for Pete but I am sure he has some 'counsel' for you. I am just avidly waiting to hear it. That you have picked such a time as this when Pete is away only adds cowardness to your list of traits. Elsewhere; One assumes that you have written verifiable proof of this statement and you can furnish it here to verify your claims to us? One also must raise the question as to why it is not Mr. Adam Zsofren who is here making these claims and instead we are hearing them from some thief in the night? Thankfully you know this phrase. One hopes you won't be so alarmed when it happens to you. Ben
  5. Master Chinchilla, It is indeed unfortunate that one as young as yourself has such little respect for your peers. Throwing tantrums arund here will gain you little but a pat on the head and a knowledgable nod among adults. You speak of stealing ideas and yet admit to being nothing more than a common thief yourself? At least, one would expect that if you are to throw stones you do not encase yourself in a glasshouse? Alas, in your infantile attempt to throw dispersion upon a member of our community you managed to pick one of the most respected. An indication I suspect of your immatureness. In years to come, when you come of age, you will realise your folly and cringe. Finally, Mssr ChinChilla, I would give you some council as my peers did when I was at your young age; "T'is better to keep your mouth closed and be thought of as an idiot, than to open it, and be proven one." You have by mistake, chosen the latter. Ben
  6. Is the Logitech USb or GamePort? Did you try unplugging the CH yoke and pedals and test without them connected? Ben
  7. AJ, I don't know your system so cannot point to simple solutions. If it were me I'd remove all settings that use joystick axis'. Then I'd remove all buton/key commands. At that stage you have a complete clean setup. From there you can then build. Throttle setting first and then just enough buttons/keys to kake off and level out. If the problem persists then we need to look elsewhere. You might just try turning off all other commands that use axis types. Ben
  8. I'll try have a bash at this tonight. Ben
  9. Jean-Claude, No, FSUIPC cannot fully implement the full MCP. It does not for example send any information to displays. What Pete has done, is allow FSUIPC to notified of button and dial changes on Go-FLight modules. From that, we can tell FSUIPC what keys or commands to send to FS once a certain button/dial has changed. I don't wish to speak for Pete, but I doubt he is going to get into a situation of intercepting and sending formatted information to GoFlight modules. regards, Ben
  10. First impulse here is that you have something else programmed on the same axis. Ben
  11. You should be able to. FSUIPC can recognise keypresses from WS clients. Ben
  12. it would seem then the problem is the result of planes which are coded with thir own internal gauges. Typically, the MCP.DLL will read and write values to the GF-MCP. In your case and indeed mine, the PMDG works differently than other default planes, in that it has its own built in gauges. So, removing the MCP.DLL stops the GF code from running and hence the displays. Leaving it in, means you now have 2 different sets of software interfacing with the GF-MCP and in different ways. Unfortunately this will always lead to a mess :( Ben
  13. Hi Roberto, What is meant here is that if you plug in your RP48 after FSUIPC has started or indeed any other program using the GFDEV.API, it will not be recognised. GF Hardware is available to any program, once the device is connected *before* the program is started. On startup, a program will search for plugged in GF modules and from that create a list. Then any configuration will be checked against this list and from then on, any button presses being received will be checked against that configuration. If you then plug in another device, the configuration will know nothing about it. ( I am assuming here that Pete does not trap the hot connect of GF devices, something which may be a great disservice to Pete-I think he might forgive me though :) ) The fact that your buttons are working, leads me to assume (maybe wrongly) that you are configuring something wrongly. If I can be of further assistance please feel free to ask. Ben
  14. In the MS200[x]/Modules folder is an MCP.dll (maybe GFMCP.dll) - try copying it somewhere else and removing it from the modules folder. Ben
  15. Just give me a minute to put my other foot in my mouth ! Thanx Pete ! Ben
  16. Hi Pete, Ulisses, I'm having this problem too, and got to thinking... What about a toggle in FSUIPC that could be toggled like an FS toggle (in the drop down list) via a button or switch. When toggled, the throttles would either operate as per their defined tolerances in the joysticks section (page 3?) or, all throttles would operate per the first throttle definition. Does that make sense? Ben PS: It does raise the question, as to why to bother defining individual throttles at all, if one is going to use just one setting, but I guess there is a use.
  17. Another option here is to get the RJ (Regional Jet) software from Project Magenta. Run this on one pc, the main FS on another and then use the remainder PCs to display different angles of outside view. I don't know that displaying outside views should all display the panels at all. The fact that you have gone to the trouble of getting an EPIC system would villify the cost of the rj panel and the benefits it offers. Just my 2 Euros worth ;) Ben
  18. Hi Pete, Gosh no, it is not something I am looking for or asking you to comptemplate any time soon :) What I had in mind was a feature whereby if an input was based on the state of a button/switch and it was a toggle type setting, the code would check the state of the button/switch and then set the appropiate toggle in FS depending on the state of the button/switch. Again Pete, an idea for the back-burner :) Enjoy your holidays ! I'm am sure they are well due and indeed well earned ! Ben
  19. Thanks Pete, I spent ages with that one! As an aside, have you any plans to set settings in FS depending on the state of joystick buttons on startup? Or is it there already? I'm just thinking out loud on the last bit.. Ben
  20. Hi all ! Using FSUIPC Button control, which entry do I need for the fule on/off switches? These are the switches usually just below the throttles. TIA Ben
  21. Hey! Want me to do the flying too? :) I'll see what I can do Ben
  22. Hi Fabrizio, To send Ctrl-K ^K To Send Alt-K %K As to how to how to find the window title... It *should* find it itself. Are you typing it correctly? Note this was just a quick app I wrote, to help you out. I have no ideas about your software. Maybe there is a demo I could download for testing? Ben
  23. Fabrizio, try this.. http://www.asaangard.com/keysend.zip Play with it and tell me if you need anything more. Ben sollisb at asaangard.com
  24. Hi Philippe, In the example you mention an event, whereby something happens on reaching a certain altitude. Could not write a simple polling function to check the Altitude via FSUIPC and depending on the returned value do something yourself? I'm not sure how you are toggling the LEDs, but if it were me, I'd look at writing some kind of 2-way interface DLL, one querying information from FS via FSUIPC and the other sending information to your cockpit controls. Just my 1.5 Euro's worth ;) Ben
  25. Additionally to what Pete has said I would add; If the buttons or whatever on the panel respond to any keypress, then the goFlight buttons can be made to send those keypresses. If the panels are pure mouse driven then there is no "easy" way to assign the buttons. You might also be interested to know, that GoFlight also have an SDK, which I can attest to being simple to use in conjunction with the FSUIPC SDK. regards, Ben
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