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How to programaticly set Heading Bug -or other Items??

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I have just started looking at FSUIPC and was trying to programaticly set the heading bug. I saw the entries for VOR1 OBS and VOR2 OBS but no mention of the heading bug. Is that an unlabeled offset somewhere that I can do a FSUIPC_Write() and set the desired heading? Or can I somehow programaticly issue a keyboard command w/ a parameter (the desired heading bug setting) via FSUIPC - I found the control ID for the heading bug: "HEADING_BUG_SET 66042" in the list of control document - but do not know how to programaticly use that.



Dave Snyder

Waukesha, WI

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Incidentally, if what you meant was being able to write to it through the FSUIPC interface, the short answer is 'no'. You could set a key to send a parameter to it, yes, but since ou have to choose a value, and type it into the FSUIPC interface when you select which key to use, it would be kind of pointless.


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Thanks for the quick response! I see that in my list now - I just skipped the AutoPilot Section thinking that wasn't it. I can use the Write() function and set it just as I wished.

As to your second note, yes that was what I meant. I was wondering if there was a way to create a keystroke with a value as a parameter so that I wasn't limited to just using the pre-defined parameter value (from the FSUIPC keyboard shortcut config dialog). I guess everything that I would want to set in there probably has an offset in the memory block that I can more easily set with the Write() command anyway.

Thanks again!

Dave Snyder

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