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Hi everybody

I´m a new member and I hope that I can find the solutions to my problems. I´ve build my own throttle quadrant and I´m now working on calibrating it with FSUIPC. But there is something I don´t understand. When I´m done with calibrating the throttle quadrant ( It has 4 axis, one for elevator trim, one for flaps and the last two for two seperate engine controls) I close the FSUIPC windows and start to test my throttle quadrant in FS2004. It works just fine and after some hours of flying I shutdown the FS2004. But here is the tricky part, when I start Fs2004 again and when I´m about to play, the throttle quadrant responds very badly, and when I check the calibration values in FSUIPC they are completely different so I have to recalibrate it :x . I can´t enjoy my flying because of that and I hope that someone can help me.

Please write assoon as possible

Thank you :D

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does your throttle quad properly show up in the game controller applet of the windows control panel and can it be calibrated there and does the calibration stick?

Is your quad USB or gameport?

I remember that long ago on a Win98SE system I had to move yoke and pedals (USB) to their extremes before flying to recalibrate them. For gameport devices that was not necessary.

Also look into FS9 assignments and sensitivities, is everything ok there? The calibration in FSUIPC is just a refinement. Before using it everything has to be set up ok in FS itsself. For best results the sensitivities should be set to max and the null zone to narrow. FS sometimes does funny things with joysticks and for me it helped to add "stick_sensitivity_mode=0" to the [controls] section of the cfg file. I even put "locked=1" into every separate joystick section. But that was on FS 2002, I don't use joysticks any more so I'm not sure whether or not this is still valid for FS9.

Hope this helps a little bit.



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