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I just bought FS2004, and upon installing the final disk, disk 4, and trying to run FS, I got the message:

"The version of FS 2004 is not compatible with this version of FSUIPC! It is build 9.01.40901. You need the correct version of FS 2004. Check the Help-about: The build should be 9.00.30612.

FSUIPC will terminate when you select OK.


I paid good money to Amazon for this program. I sent it back as defective, and they replaced it. Same thing!

What's the fix? I'm beginnig to think FS 2004 isn't worth the grief!

Joe Pierre

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If the version of FS2004 you have is 9.01.40901 then this is the latest version. It seems like you do not have the latest version of FSUIPC loaded. You should have version 3.47. If not then you can download it from here http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html

This is not a problem with FS2004 but with FSUIPC. If you have created a new install then did you install FSUIPC yourself or have you also installed some add-on products. If you have not then go to your flight FS9 folder something like c:\program files\microsoft games\Flight Simulator 9 and open the folder called 'modules' In there you will find a file called FSUIPC.dll. It should be dated 4th March 2005. If you right click on that file and select properties then the version tab you can check which version you have.

If it is 3.47 then this is a different problem. Other wise temporarily rename it to FSUIPC.old and then run FS again - it should now start.

If you do have addons that installed FSUIPC then just get the new one from the site above and follow the instructions to put the updated file into your modules folder

Again this is almost certainly not to do with the FS program you have

hope that helps

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