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FSUIPC....an general question !!

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Hello guys, hello Peter !!

I have a gengeral question about FSUIPC. Im using it (free version, not registered until now) in connection with c++ (with help of the accordingly interface) and altogether it works fine (i.g. I can read from/write to FS2004) !

But when I start my Program, the shell which is coming up is the active window and the FS is delayed....i can use my Program and it works fine, but I can only use it as long as the (shell-)window is active. As soon, as the FS-window is active, I can't use my Prog (especially some inputs via keyboard are not possible) !!

So my question is....is it because I have an unregistered version or because I have not much experiences in C++ (I'm more or less a newbie, "learned" programming with Java) ??

Maybe someone can tell me and/or gimme a tip...I would be really pleased !!

thanx a lot....Schu

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In FS, from the initial page, select "Settings/General" then uncheck the box "Pause on task switch". This will allow FS to continue whilst your window has the focus.


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