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Info on earlier version requested

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I had previously used a free version of FSUIPC which allowed calibration of some control surfaces, e.g., spoilers on a sailplane. It had a user interface where one of the tabs at the top of the window was labeled "Joystick". The latest version, 3.48 and versions back to 3.00, just have "About" and "Log" at the top.

Does anyone know the latest free version number of FSUIPC which allows control surface calibration and will work with FS9? Is it possible to get a copy of it anywhere? I have a couple of sailplanes installed on a new PC which will neither fully open nor close the spoilers with the joystick; just from the keyboard.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


PS I found a copy of v2.94, but it apparently is not compatible with FS9.

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that is because from version 3.00 onwards FSUIPC is payware. It still provides free access for addons like the freeware one but to use the special user facilities you need an access key.

The last free FSUIPC was 2.975 I think but this will only work on FS2002 and older and it is not supported anymore. For FS9 you need the latest.



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