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Netpipes Programming needed

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I am doing some real flight testing and feeding telemetry data down to the ground for display on a groundstation. The current display is pretty basic, and I would like to feed it into FS 2004 to take advantage of the displays and features there. It looks like the SDK's and Netpipes could do this well. It's basically a serial data feed coming into the PC. I want to package the data (only at about 4FPS now), and feed it into FS. Later on, I may want to build special instruments for display etc. I'm looking for a FS programmer to help us get this done fast. We are in Bucks County, PA - so you'd have to be local enough to meet here and see what we are up to. I don't care if you are a professional or a hobbyist, as long as you can write quality code. I'll pay you for your work, and if you want, give you a ride in a Globe Swift or a Cirrus SR-20 as a bonus. This would be a very cool project for a serious flightsimmer.

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Im interested in knowing what kind of study you are conducting? Are you associated with the AOPA or FAA. What do you know about the capabilities of Netpipes? Im starting to run a decsion making experiment, I havent quite found the right program to record all the data I need.


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It's a study of remote CRM services for single pilot high-performance aircraft. We are essentially a virtual co-pilot but with more situational awareness than you could stuff into the right seat. http://www.aspx.us has some more details.

All I know about Netpipes is that it can feed into and out of FS9. I want to drive Flight Simulator from a real airplane telemetry in real time. Kind of going full circle eh?

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