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One joystick axe not detected in FSUIPC

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First time I see that :? Could you help?

Got CH Flight Yoke Pro USB + CH Pedals USB and CH Quadrant 6 axes throttle USB. All axes are working fine in WinXP under the calibration window. I could assign all of them into FS2004, but when I go into FSUIPC/Joystick window, it seems that it doesn't read anything coming from one of the axe of the CH quadrant 6 axes. (readings are 0,0 no matter what). All other axes are read correctly.

I'm not sure this is coming from FSUIPC though as this axe, although assigned in the controls/assignement menu of FS, doesn't seem to have any effect on any plane (my mixture engine 1 control).


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Hi BaD CrC,

Check the "Sensitivities and Null Zones" dialog in Flight Sim for the Quad. FS sets one of the axes to 0% sensitivity. FS will still assign it, but it won't move anything and FSUIPC can't see it. Should be Max Sensitivity and Min Null Zone on all 6 axes. Watch the Sensitivities and Null Zones screen, it only shows 3 axes at a time but there are some (not-too-obvious) scroll bars to get to the rest.

You might want to drop by my site, look on the File Downloads page and find a file called CMNOTE02.ZIP. It has a WordPad .DOC file in it about setting up the Quad, might be helpful.

Best regards,

- Bob

The StickWorks


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