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I have just purchased Vox ATC and tried to register it for use with FSUIPC and I get the message that my registration code is not acceptable. I understand that there is an agreement with RCSimulations that allows full acess to FSUIPC. If this is not correct can you advise me in order that I can purchase the product. I have installed the module in FS2004 and it seems to be there, there is an instruction that the FSUIPC MUST be installed, thanks Stuart :?:

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I checked the serial number that came with DVD that I used to activate full rego with RC Simulations and that worked OK.

I cannot find an exe file extension in any of the voxat folders so I used VOXATC as the programme file name (? might not be acceptable as the correct product name) I will try again using cut and paste and see if that works, maybe I need some direction as to the correct product file description/ name.

I am quite happy with my current FS settings re realism/ download Jeppeson weather etc, I seem to get the idea after reading some of the postings that FSUIPC will overwrite these, is this right??

I cannot find the page that allows me to re-enter the info for registering oh boy what a dummy.

Sorry considering computers were my working life.


SB :?

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Hi Jim,

On page one of the manual it states " Pete Dowson's FSUIPC must be installed with Fs2004 ( obtainable from {gives the schiratti site address})

When I load the FSUIPC from FS2004 modules it says that the full functionality of the programme does not work with unregistered versions.

So I assumed that as the VOXATC people directed that the module MUST be downloaded there would be an agreement with affiliated software programmes that the unlock code that came with the programme would have to be registered with Pete Dowson. After all that FS2004 seems to be working exactly the same as before the download. The only change I have made is after reading one of the posted messages here someone suggested downloading the upgraded drivers for CH yoke and pedals which I have done. As you have indicated there probably is no need to register. Best to check with the experts (you) and get the right info. Thanks for your help, it is really important that access to the correct info is available


SB :oops:

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