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  1. Hi, You want this forum: http://forum.simflight.com/forum/75-fs-commander-support-forum/
  2. Sorry to hear about the problems, but it is a bit of good news to know that even removing ASE did not solve your issues.
  3. Hi, You need to check with the iFLY folks. This really doesn't have to do with FSUIPC at the moment.
  4. Try with this: http://fsuipc.simflight.com/beta/FSUIPC4726.zip
  5. Your last post before this one is from March 22. Are you sure it was posted?
  6. Wind gusts are handled through your weather program and should be adjusted through there!
  7. If you address FSX through SimConnect in a normal manner you will always get the flickering due to SimConnect. So FSX weather, ASv6.5 weather, REX weather, ASE in Standard Depiction Mode weather. We have used an enhanced mode of addressing SimConnect when ASE is in Smooth Cloud or DWC Depiction Mode and we are not going to share how that is done, sorry.
  8. Hi, 1. Please make sure you purchased a FSUIPC 3 key and not a FSUIPC4 key. 2. All 3 pieces of information must be exactly the same from SimMarket to your registration. Please use Copy and Paste to do this.
  9. Hi, No, you won't need to re-purchase FSUIPC 3 or 4, but you might need to do some things with SimMarket to get everything matched up. Pete will be able to tell you more on what to do.
  10. Hi, You should have posted this and your other post in the FSUIPC forum. Maybe some kind mod. can move this so Pete will see it easier?
  11. Hi, You key information is all at SimMarket.com and you need to enter all 3 parts exactly the same, best to use Copy and paste for that.
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