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CH Thottle Quadrant - Reverse Thrust

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I know much has been written on this subject including the stickworks document. Nonetheless, I am at a loss to properly accomplish this task. After spending endless hours trying to program, Can I simply just manually edit FS9.cfg and/or FSUIPC.ini ? If so, could you provide those entries? The usual problem is the idle detent = reverse, or no reverse at all. I've tried this with and without the Control Manager in Direct mode, although never been brave enough to attempt the mapped mode. I'm sorry, but this single task always seems to be a major headache.

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One of the reasons that CHCM maybe NOT working for you is that it needs to be in "mapped" mode in order to work effectively in FS2004 (ie in order to be able to use the settings you assigned in CHCM). However you can set up RT in FSUIPC alone and the best guide to this is Bob Church's cmnote02.zip available from http://www.stickworks.com. I have posted a guide to setting up the CH Yoke, TQ, Pro Pedals on the CH-Hangar.com web site, using CHCM under "general" : http://www.ch-hangar.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=2691.

Hope this helps


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