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How do I go about setting individual throttles?

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I just got the CH Throttle Quadrant and was wondering how I set each throttle individually on the quadrant. For some reason, FS9 won't recognize the R, U, and V axis so I can't even get enough throttles to put them with. Yes they are all calibrated and the CH control manager recognizes ALL of the axis's. But in FS when assigning certian throttles, if I move the axis for one throttle, say the U axis, FS does not recognize it. What do I do?

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I see that you used CHCM to set up the TQ - only use ver 4.0 by the way it is by far and away the best version. Using CHCM did you use "mapped" mode and then subsequently "download" your map which would automatically transfer your mapped values into FS2004. (There is a small program called CMSTART.EXE which will automatically download your latest map in CHCM into FS2004 everytime Windows starts.) If you did this then your TQ assignments in FS2004 will be exactly the same as those that you assigned in CHCM.

In FS2004 under assignments always ensure that sensitivity is full right and null zone full left for ALL 6 TQ axes.

However you can set up TQ in FSUIPC alone and the best guide to this is Bob Church's cmnote02.zip available from http://www.stickworks.com. I have posted a guide to setting up the CH Yoke, TQ, Pro Pedals on the CH-Hangar.com web site, using CHCM, FS9 and FSUIPC under "general" : http://www.ch-hangar.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=2691.

Hope this helps


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uhhh i tried ur method and that involves way too much. There must be another simpler way. Why would CH products sell a product that is so difficult to program correctly. Specifically, on step 12, you cannot go straight to mapped mode after calibrating. You have to download the map (then it fucks the axis settings all up) and only then can you go to map mode. By now, your original map is screwed up and does not respond to some axis's. Where do you get cmstart.exe?

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Hi Ch

I don't have the same problem with step 12 so I will investigate that point again, downloading the map shouldn't affect the axes settings unless you forgot to save your settings after calibration ie before downloading in this case you could be picking up your old settings? CMSTART.exe is available fro the CH Products site alongside the CHCM ver 4.0 manager. Bob Church's CMNOTE02.zip makes it easy to set up the TQ using FSUIPC.



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