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Configuring CH throttle quad with PMDG 747

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Hi, I am trying to configure my CH throttle quad to my PMDG 747 using FSUIPC v3.53. I am trying to set up the middle four levers in the FSUIPC joysticks -> "multi-engine setup" page but I am having the following problems:

Even though I've set the "max" setting to the max for each lever (about 16,000), when I go full throttle the throttle on the PMDG shows that it's only about 91.9% forward. The second problem I'm having is whenever I idle the throttles, they automatically go into reverse instead of just idling. I have the idle throttle setting set as the furthest point back on each lever (around -16,000 I think), but the reversers still go on when it should be at idle (about -11,000 I think).

If anyone could help solving either of these problems it would be much appreciated! Regards, JTH.

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Thanks a lot Pete but I checked and the sensitivities are already full and the null zones already zero. I had a look at that document CMNOTE02 and it's very interesting but I still haven't found a solution to my reversers on at idle and only 91% max problems yet.

Got any other ideas? Thanks a lot again for the help. Regards, Paul!

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This is a bold one! In his latest guide to FSUIPC 3.6+ PeteD talks about totally disabling the joystick in FS2004 and then just using FSUIPC to assign axes and to calibrate the TQ, etc. My CH Pro Pedals, TQ and Yoke run fine on this system but I only fly twin engine planes at present. It might be worth a try?



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