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Home cockpit building with PMDG 747400 QOFS

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Hello Pete!

I bought the PMDG 747400 queen of the skies software and I want to build a complete home cockpit with it and others software and hardware:

IOCARD (from opencockpits), key2mouse, FSUIPC, WIDEFS, WIDEVIEW.

Before begin to build anything, I'm studying FSUIPC offsets, and PMDG offsets but there is a big problem: I was on several forum (and mainly on the opencockpit forum) and I have learned that PMDG software uses its own variables and it seems to be difficult to control these variables with FSUIPC.

I have found in your FSUIPC sdk the great software of pelle liljendal : FS-interrogate. I try to find the PMDG variables but I 'm not an expert and I don't know which variables are for which switch panel, light or internal informations.

please can you help me?

Moreover, have someone ever worked on it and where can I contact him.

Thanking you in advance,

Romain from Reunion Island.

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FSUIPC offers 'generic FS2004' offsets. It's up to the panel developers to support these generic offsets or not.

More complex add-ons like the PMDG 747 simulate many more states and controls; these cannot be mapped on the generic FS2004 offsets....

Another complex add-on, the Level-D 767-300, comes with an SDK (a software development kit in the C-language) that gives you access to most of the states and controls. I have made a tool called FSCONV that converts these states and controls to new offsets in FSUIPC. So if you want to build a complete home cockpit you better move to the Level-D ;-)


Nico Kaan


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I had the same problem with another payware product and I solved this problem taking the original panel off (to avoid "interferences") from the aircraft and implementing the main systems with SIOC.

After all we won't need the panel anymore when we have our cockpit, no?

Another option may be to replace the panel with a standard FS panel implementing "manually" all the systems that the default panel doesn't support.

I usually keep the original panel "on" just the time needed to "study" how to implement an onboard system and then I take it off to test my implementation.

I hope this might help too.



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