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  1. Hello Chakko, I'm sorry, but I'm not familiar with Pokeys, Arduino and your advanced use of FSUIPC (wrt rotary encoders)... I only know Opencockpits hard- and software very well ;-) But it is unlikely that there is something wrong with lekseecon_f. Regards, Nico Kaan
  2. It looks like you forgot to add /NODEFAULTLIB:LIBC.lib to the Command Line options of the Linker in the Configuration Properties of your project... I don't think you need to compile a new .lib, at least I did not.
  3. Hi Lasse, I can see that you are not a SIOC programmer yet ;-) Here example SIOC code to display the GS needle and Localiser needle values -if alive- at four digit displays (most left digit blank or minus and then 3 digit value): You have to update the digit numbers to your hardware. Have not tested it but this is how you should do it in SIOC. Var 1 name gs_alive Link FSUIPC_IN Offset $0C4C Length 1 { CALL &OUTGS } Var 2 name gs Link FSUIPC_IN Offset $0C49 Length 1 { CALL &OUTGS } Var 3 name OUTGS LINK SUBRUTINE { IF &gs_alive = 1 { &D_gs = &gs IF &am
  4. That your radio receives a Glideslope signal. You need that because from the needle values you cannot exactly tell, 127 can be the value at 100 km from the airport (GS not alive), but also when the GS is alive but you are way below the glide. In my sim the GS offsets work well ... Same principle as for "Localiser tuned in".
  5. Hi Lasse, You can do it even better: Take 0C4C for GS alive and 0C49 for GS needle Take bit 1 ( Localiser Tuned in) from 0C4A and 0C48 for LOC needle.
  6. Afirm. Use lekseecon_f.exe from the 8.3 version: all FMC keys and info about EXEC and MSG lights are available via FSUIPC offsets.
  7. I don't think so Roar. The best way forward for SIOC users would be a lekseecon like solution, meaning a direct connection between the SIOC Server and the SDK. No involvement of FSUIPC. With the lekseecon solution the user only has to deal with SIOC variables, not with FSUIPC offsets and not with lua scripts.
  8. You are right Pete. I've seen that poor man on television, arriving at Heathrow airport, leaving his wife behind... I hope these lawyers understand what FSUIPC is all about, it's rather technical stuff ... ;-)
  9. Pete, I guess that they have to consult their lawyers. This may take weeks ;-)
  10. Hi Dario, I know nothing of lua (not using it), but let me tell you (just for information) how my lekseecon (a C++ program) reads data from the NGX SDK via SimConnect. The simconnect interface is abstracted by a SimConnectClient object.That object takes care of opening and closing the connection to FSX, initialisation, and mapping the needed client events to simobjects (however, that part is out of scope her, I only detail reading now). Five times per second an object abstracting the SDK, calls a read on the SimconnectClient object. That object calls the simconnect callback procedure and it
  11. Negative... lekseecon is also able to make the NGX SDK available in FSUIPC offsets. It already does so for the Level-D 767. See http://www.lekseecon.nl/lekseecon.html But same problem here. The EULA is bothering me...
  12. Sure it can. Every SIOC variable is 32 bit, so there is really no problem to send that value to a 4 byte FSUIPC offset.... And again, are you sure your Aircraft add-on in MFS 'supports' the FSUIPC offset? Seeing (with FS Interrogate) the value arrive at FSUIPC, proves nothing ...
  13. My lekseecon program http://www.lekseecon.nl/lekseecon.html. provides almost every control and state of the Level-D 767 via FSUIPC offsets (and, although out of scope here, SIOC variables). Use lekseecon_f.exe. The leksecon variables for controlling the Left and Right Fuel Switches (as ON/OFF switches) are 505 and 506, provided via FSUIPC offsets $91F9 and $91FA (1 byte each).
  14. Hi Gibbon , Here some tutorials how to read, write and read/write from/to FSUIPC offsets from SIOC: http://www.lekseecon...html#readFSUIPC http://www.lekseecon...tml#writeFSUIPC http://www.lekseecon...readwriteFSUIPC And study the list of FSUIPC offsets (inthe FSUIPC SDK) carefully... And do note that you cannot be sure that an aircraft add-on supports the published FSUIPC offsets.
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