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FSUIPC - CH Throttle Quad - Loss of DETENT range...

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Hi All,

I am relatively new to the payware version of FSUIPC and could use a little help...

Thrust Reversers... Initially I had these all working... I am pretty sure I did not make any additional changes - then all of a sudden I lost the ability to engage thrust reverse...

I am on the throttle tab of FSUIPC - and I have (4) of my throttle quad levers mapped appropriately for engine throttles... I have gone through and restet each lever attempting to set - MAX - IDLE - and - REVERSE points... Again - while this worked initially - the throttle axis values stop changing when I enter the lower range below the detent (where reverse should be)... It thinks the detent position that should be IDLE is the bottom of the joystick axis... So - it seems the values change appropiately for the top range but not the lower... This happens on all four assigne axis...

I have exited out and recalibrated the joytsick axis many time... When in the joystick calibtration utility - the values seem to appropiately on both the upper and lower side of the detent...

Help - please...



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Hi Scott,

If you have the Control Manager installed and aren't using a map, look on the Throttle Settings tab and make sure that the Detent value is only around 240 and the Max is 255. It defaults to setting 255 for both and that can cause what you're seeing. If you are using a Map with the CM, then the settings need to be made in the map for each TQ axis.

Best regards,

- Bob

The StickWorks


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Hi Bob...

Thanks for the response... One of the steps while troubleshooting - was to create a new map from scratch - in the Control Manager software... All I did was add my three devices - FIGHTER STICK - THRUSTMASTER THROTTLE - and - QUAD THROTTLE... I left everything with the default value for the Control Manager - and pushed the map to my controllers...

I'll try and check what you mentioned below - tonight when I get home...



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