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Saving Settings with FSUIPC

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I am running FS2004 with FSUIPC and a CH Yoke. I most often fly a Dehavilland DHC-6 Twin Otter. Everything works well with one exception. Each time I boot up the DHC-6 the Prop control in limited in authority to a small range of control.

I can go to FSUIPC Module, Joystick Calibration, page 2 of 11 and see a reading of -6931 to -6931 on the Prop control. I move the Prop control forward to + 6931 and hit set, and gain full travel of the prop control. All is well.

However, next time I run FS, the prop control is defaulted back to -6931 and - 6931. For some reason, this setting does not get saved anywhere. Note-I do use "Aircraft Specific" and have tried it selected or not, but always have to correct this setting before flying.

Any suggestions?



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th low reading you are seeing in the calibration page may be an indication that the sensitivity setting for this axis is not correct. Open the "sensitivities" dialogue via the "options" menu and make sure all sensitivities are set to maximum (fully right) and all null zones are set to minimum (fully left).

As for the setting not saved - this question would best be adressed to Pete Dowson in his own forum here on simflight. But make sure first that you are using the latest version.



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Thanks Frank,

The readings seem to be normal, once I set the high reading opposite the low (negative) reading. I obtain full travle of the Prop Control. However, after shutting down FS, it reverts back to the 2 negative readings with no travel of the prop control.

I would assume that since I did select (Aircraft Specific), that the setting gets automatically saved. I have not tested this. I oftef fly jets which do not require the use of the propeller control.

That said, I do no have the problem with the throttle or mixture (Fule Control) levers. This anomoly only occurs with the prop control not being saved. My only resolution is to take the extra step on opening the FSUIPC and resetting the prop control parameters each time I fly....Pain :)

Maybe Peter will chime in with a suggestion.

Thanks again


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