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Please stop the Payware threads.

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Ok here is the deal, Pete needs the money, Read his post to find out why.

Im pretty sure if he was better off he would continue giving us a free lunch. I dont want to pay for more than i have to, but FSUPIC is essential, and without it addons wont work, (oh guess what if you only want your addons to work you dont have to pay). Now wasnt that nice of pete, he, and I would of charged for it full stop, then you would be really up the creek without a paddle.

If you want all the features, that MS cant be botherd to do, then YOU PAY. is that so hard to get in your heads. I think its a shame pete had to charge for it, in the first place as its only going to bring him a bigger headache in the long run, as people will now demand support, which they are rightly entitled to, but they will demand and flame untill they get it, and im sure pete can do without that.

If pete turned round and said F**K this for a game of soldiers, FSUPIC is over, id cry, as all my great addons which work of the back of petes work, would have no chance of working in FSACOF.

Yes some may think pete has us by the balls, but he hasnt. If you Just want your addons to work, FSUPIC is free.

Now Please, lets encourge pete to get this out in time for ACOF, or at least to a state where our Add-ons will work.


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Well said Ol' Son - I posted a comment earlier which obviously went at about FL250 over most morons heads - It is quite simple really - if I want all my add-ons to work then who gives a continental sh*t - they will - But if I want that wonderful facility whereby Petes software provides me with a 3D arm coming out of the screen to hand me coffeee - THEN I PAY

What is actually so blo*dy hard about this concept?

So a few morons are too dumb to work out that they can probably learn to live without being able to "tweek" a few things - that is their lousy problem for being born such tight arses

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