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  1. Just to jump in here, Yes whilst the INTEL chips are on paper, and in some teste faster. Dont beleive the hype. I had/have a 3.20Ghz Hyper threaded CPU with a TI4400, and performance was good, but nothing so special to write home about. I took the plunge and got an Athlon 2800+ And a Via/Asus KT400 MoBo. All I can say performance is better, whilst the Intel is faster on paper, it can not match the sheer Floating Point, and RAW Horse power of the Athlon -XP, Core. Lets not forget SSE2, is being used heavily and DirectX uses SSE2 aswell. If you look at the Intel's They are trying to add another half assed processor, to gain speed. The fastest Athlon is 3300+ but actually only clocked at 2.8Ghz, why?, well because: 1) AMD probley cant get the closk speed - heat ratio right. 2) the FPU and Horse Power, makes up for it. Im not saying AMD's are better, but FS uses a lot of persion maths FPU, and only a look on the most authoritve hardware sites will proove that AMD cant be toped in that Area. Again im not saying that AMD'S are better because they are not, but you must take in to account that AMD Processors, are Dynimate in some areas, and even though the CPU is mostly inferior to Intels, there are some things its just King at, and IMHO FS is one of them.
  2. Hi all, This Forum, has to be one of the most dis-respecful forum i have seen. Just read some of the posts, and stuff people ask Pete. I have no businees saying this but I dont care, I will stick up for the hunted and a fellow country man. Some people just ask the most absurd and crazy questions in the rudest manner i have seen. And often blame FSUPIC, (Which is still Free if you dont want the bells and whistles) for problems that FSUPIC has no controll over. Please guys, please, think before posting, because if pete jacks this in, we are all done for, and Im not butt licking, I am looking after my own intrests as much as anything else. Please maybe, its easy to get fustrated, but Pete handles this forum on his own, and you only have to look to see he answers question in a timley and often lenghty fashion. Jason
  3. Thanks pete I re-read the manual, and what you have said. It all makes sense now. Thank you very much. Jason
  4. Hi pete, Not only have you done the impossible, and got it sorted for the release of FSACOF, but you are charging a very reasonable price for it. I was thinking around £30-£40. Well Im in the Humid UK, so I dont know when we are getting FSACOF, but I am safe in the knowledge that, FSUPIC will be done before the UK Release. A very Big Thankyou, and all the best. PS I know your busy, but I just got a new Joystick, I used to fly with a wingman Pad, and I dont understand the Joystick calibration in FSUPIC, I have read the manual, but a little unsure. Any help on this would be great. Once again Thanks Jason.
  5. Ok here is the deal, Pete needs the money, Read his post to find out why. Im pretty sure if he was better off he would continue giving us a free lunch. I dont want to pay for more than i have to, but FSUPIC is essential, and without it addons wont work, (oh guess what if you only want your addons to work you dont have to pay). Now wasnt that nice of pete, he, and I would of charged for it full stop, then you would be really up the creek without a paddle. If you want all the features, that MS cant be botherd to do, then YOU PAY. is that so hard to get in your heads. I think its a shame pete had to charge for it, in the first place as its only going to bring him a bigger headache in the long run, as people will now demand support, which they are rightly entitled to, but they will demand and flame untill they get it, and im sure pete can do without that. If pete turned round and said F**K this for a game of soldiers, FSUPIC is over, id cry, as all my great addons which work of the back of petes work, would have no chance of working in FSACOF. Yes some may think pete has us by the balls, but he hasnt. If you Just want your addons to work, FSUPIC is free. Now Please, lets encourge pete to get this out in time for ACOF, or at least to a state where our Add-ons will work. Jason
  6. Please Pete keep it via Simmarket if you can, They are great, and provide a good quick service. My only Gripe with Simmarket is their Pay to keep your files backedup, which is slightly out of order if you ask me, since the files are already on the site, why should we fund that, but there you go, I choose not to use it and I think Simmarket still provide great service. Jason
  7. Hi Pete, 1st Post. I just want to say, Thankyou for the free lunch you have given me since I have got into FlightSim and bought lots of addons, and what not. Well Once FSUPIC 2004 is Released, Ill be buying it stright away, if i were rich id buy it twice :wink: Please dont give up, and thankyou for all your devoted time. PS once your happy withit working in FS2004, have yourself some fun to0 and enjoy FSACOF. :D Jason (UK)
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