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Because my Saitek Yoke has issues, I've programmed the yoke within FSUIPC. However, the POV which I control with my HAT switch on my Saitek yoke, goes veeery slowly. How can I make this go faster? When I look to my instruments, it takes about 15 seconds before I panned to see the wing, very enoying. Any suggestions?

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Hi, thanks for your reply.

This problem is refering to FS9 (sorry, forget to mention). But my Yoke is disabled in FS itself, otherwise I get Phantom commands, changing of view etc.

When I program my yoke with FSUIPC, the problems are solved so everything is working fine except setting the POV up, that goes really slow.

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You shouldn't have to disable the yoke in FS9 totally, just assign your other buttons and axes in FSUIPC as you are doing now, and make sure no buttons other than the POV switch are assigned in FS9 and make sure you Add "EliminateTransients=Yes" to the main [buttons] section in the FSUIPC.INI file if you haven't already.

Better still if you can, return your Yoke to the retailer you bought it from for a replacement, the random button issue is a known fault and all retailers have supposed to have been made aware of this. If you dont have any luck with your retailer get in contact with Saitek directly and they will try to replace it directly for you.

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Andy, you just saved my christmas holiday! Thank you so much, it works perfectly! :D

As soon as I can, I will try to replace it. Saitek said that if you bought your yoke in december, you shouldn't have the problem.. well, this one is bought 2 weeks ago and have the bugs.. But for now, I can use untill I can replace it for a correct version. Again, thank you very much!

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