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  1. Lorbys Axis and Ohs handles the VRi displays fairly easily with his VriBridge plugin. The original MCP combo is not supported though, just the MCP2 Boeing and Airbus FCU panels. As for the jumping, yeah that's worn encoders, think yourselves lucky them lasting so long. My original Combo need a replacement board after a little over a year.
  2. Spad.Next is adding support for the Stream Deck, its already available in the beta version. Unfortunately the trial version doesn't allow for testing of beta builds, but I took the plunge anyway and it is working great and Spad.Next is a very powerful tool anyway. They are even adding support for VRInsight gear in the not too distant future.
  3. @colep That version is for P3D 1.4 and is not compatible with 2.x
  4. Doing that is fine, I do the same thing all the time. You could also just move the files to a folder that is not active.
  5. My opinion on this is that if Dovetail are selling this (FSX) as an ongoing concern they should fix this problem themselves rather than expect Pete to fix/fudge it. If they aren't able to fix it then they shouldn't be selling FSX at all.
  6. Landing lights despite their name are not only used for landing, company practice with many airlines is to turn on landing lights below 10,000 feet even in the daytime. It's used as an extra visibility safety device and not just to see where you are landing at night.
  7. I think you haven't followed the instructions exactly, I had a similar issue when I first tried, likely you have chosen one of the wrong word types for the offset.
  8. Have you checked your spam fIlters and junk folders to make sure the reply from Simmarket has not been deleted by mistake?
  9. He sounds like he doesn't have the full file names with extension showing, so it would indeed look like there is more than one file called fsuipc and hence the confusion. Perhaps he deleted the key file.
  10. It will not delete any old files that were there before you added the also manage lines, you need to remove those manually. Any new files will be handled correctly.
  11. This is normal, both FSX and P3D have always exhibited this nuance, it's because both engines have to load many hundreds of different aircraft models looking for user flyable aircraft. Get an SSD drive and install FSX and P3D on it and you'll see an improvement in this regard.
  12. If the left light was flashing on and off on the TrackIR that means it cannot see the tracking dots on your hat clip or the IR LEDs if you are using the track clip pro, the most usual cause of this is because you are in a brightly sun lit room and the IR radiation from the sun is interfering with TrackIR, you can turn up the filtering in the software to stop this to some degree.
  13. The Nav lights aren't effects they are part of the model. Seems the fixer needs to fix something else that doesn't work in DX10 preview mode.
  14. No it doesn't, it will partly work like it always does, but every feature will not be available, things like wind smoothing, mouse macros and friction changes will not work as the memory addresses change with every update regardless of how small the changes Lockheed make, even a one bit change could potentially break FSUIPC compatibility if it causes the memory addresses to shift.
  15. You need to update to a supported version first and try again before Pete can offer support, the problem may have already been fixed in the later version. 4.921f is a fair few months old now. Just in case you missed it Pete is still away on holiday at the moment. http://forum.simflight.com/topic/66139-updated-modules/
  16. I'm sure Pete would appreciate the extra purchase for another PC but that isn't needed, you are allowed to install FSUIPC on as many PC's as you want as long as they belong to you. The FSUIPC licence is person specific not PC specific, which makes a refreshing change in this day and age of FS developers trying to wring every cent out of its customers.I also remember reading about ini comments being removed before, it may be worth searching for an answer while Pete is still away.
  17. Version 4.09 is about 7 years old at least, updates for FSUIPC come out almost weekly sometimes so I think it's time to install an update, to get support having the latest version installed is a minimum requirement anyway. You will find the latest version at the page below. http://forum.simflight.com/topic/66139-updated-modules/ Updates are always free (within major versions i.e. 3.x or 4.x) and do not cause any harm or lose your settings and assignments.
  18. It's not really surprising this thread is 7 weeks old now and there has been a few more releases of FSUIPC since then. You will always find the latest version of FSUIPC at the page below. http://forum.simflight.com/topic/66139-updated-modules/
  19. http://forum.simflight.com/forum/141-faq/ Please read the first topic listed on that page above.
  20. The link on the page below is working fine, are you sure you are looking in the correct place. http://forum.simflight.com/topic/66139-updated-modules/ Here (below) is the current download, but be certain to check if it really is the latest version by visiting the page above first. Install FSUIPC4936.
  21. My money is on that the Estonia Migration tool has caused this because it has been left in FSX virtual mode. It's got nothing to do with the A2A tool which has been natively written to work with both FSX and P3D. If the user is trying to use the migration tool to get the FSX version of the A2A aircraft working in P3D then you will have problems as that is not allowed or supported for the C172 and Piper Cherokee.
  22. Many features won't work properly until Pete updates FSUIPC to support version 2.3.
  23. I don't use 8.1 either and I wouldn't do even if Microsoft paid me to lol, I was told by a friend that it worked OK.
  24. I've heard that the version in the thread below should at least stop the crashes, it's likely it's not fully functional though with the latest release version. http://forum.simflight.com/topic/77186-joystick-disconnect-windows-81/?p=469404
  25. I suspect they are moving it to a folder of their choosing and running it there rather than just deleting it, they probably want to build a database somewhere in their own folders rather than mess around with the files in the FSX root folder. Why not simply mark the MakeRwys.exe as read only like Pete said earlier then this other software cannot move it.
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