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FSUIPC Requirements

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Thank you for your quick reply. I want to sync weather on 3 clients used for scenery and to send gear, flap and spoiler information from the server to a spot plane view on a client in WidevieW by Luciano Napolitano.

Total PC's: 1 server and 4 clients.

Thanks for your help.



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Weather will never be synced with WideView because you will be running multiple copies of FS and there is some randomness programmed into FS. The general conditions will be the same, but things like clouds will be different. You do not need FSUIPC or WideFS for this.

Also, FSUIPC and WideFS have nothing for sending video data out, so no help there.

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JSkorna, thank you for replying to my questions. I am new to FSUIPC and I's very confused about what it does. The following is a direct quote from the WidevieW (WV) 2004 User's Guide developed by Luciano Napolitano: "... The weather synchronization through WidevieWrequires a registered version of FSUIPC installed on all the PCs...."

In another section of the WV Guide dealing with configuring a Client for a Spot Plane view, Napolitano states that in order to see the gear, flaps, and spoiler movements in the "Spot Plane" view you need a registered version of FSUIPC installed locally.

That says to me, per Napolitano, that FSUIPC must be installed somewhere, I just don't know where!?! Do I need a copy on the Server or a copies on the Server and each Client/s?

Forgetting WX synch then if I install FSUIPC or WideFS (somewhere?) Will I see the gear, flaps, spoiler, reversers operate on the Client in Spot Plane if I install FSUIPC with WideFS? I tried it without FSUIPC/WideFS and the Client CRASHES!!

Is there somewhere in the Forum where I can download the FSUIPC manual?

Thanks, Porsche

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