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Feasibility question

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Hi one and all ...

just joined the forum primarily to air a query i have as to the feasibility of someone like myself with no programming experience producing a 'trainable' voice-activated programme which would simply communicate with fsx in such a way as to change cockpit instrument settings: heading, altitude, course, tune radios etc. What i'm talking about is something along the lines of Cockpit Chatter (which i tried and gave up on due to the lousy response rate which was never going to improve as the voice recognition isn't 'trainable') or the latest contender IYP. Problem with these is twofold: 1) the cost and 2) i don't need any of the robotic voice responses/checklists and all the other gubbinsi'd settle for something that simply turned spoken commands into instrument reading change, end of story.

I thought this forum perhaps a reasonable place to post as it relates to an 'interface utility' and that is what i guess i'm talking about ...

Look forward to some thoughts on the subject ...


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Hi Peter ...

Thanks for taking the trouble to respond. I don't believe VB is the answer as it would confer no advantage over Shoot, the freeware 'voice activated keystroke' utility i currently use. (I lifted the following from the VB site:'Gain total control over every key command instantly with no setup or training required.')

The point being that the changes to heading/altitude/course etc.values i'm after can't be done via the keyboard. There obviously has to be another way of making these changes, which the likes of Cockpit Chatter uses, but as mentioned in my original post i'd prefer to steer clear of that program. I'd be interested in Peter Dowson's take on my query as he obviously has loads of experience in the field of 'interfacing with FS' with FSUIPC. Perhaps on his return to the fold (i read somewhere he's unavailable till December 28th) he might give me his thoughts ...


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