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litlle help (example) for the new [AUTO] function...

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I need a little help for the new [AUTO] function and generally with the LUA thingie...

I'm sure you have documented this somewhere, but I need some direct advice with an example to get this in my mind.


I have two Lua Variables for the PMDG MD-11


(hides the pilots yoke when set to "1")


(hides the overhead switches to gain some frames when set to "1")

Now, I want to get this two variables into the [AUTO] function to have the yokes hidden and the overhead switches, too.

I have made a LUA file named MD11init.lua

Inside this file theres the entry:


(thats the part where the first big error is, I think)

and in the FSUIPV4.ini theres the entry

[Auto.PMDG MD-11]


(and there's the second error, I think)

It's obvisiuous that I have no clue what to do and how to handle the LVars with the [AUTO] function or how to get them into a LUA file....

:?: :?: :?: :?:

So, please be so kind and help me...!

thank you very much as ever!


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oh, sometimes there have to be just a little dinner between question and answer:

I made it!!!! I'm so proud (don't lough!)

[Auto.PMDG MD-11]

1=Lua MD11init

and the file contains

ipc.writeLvar("L:pmdg_hide_yoke", 1)

coooooool ;-)

Thanks for the new function!!!!

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