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Lost assignments/Continuous input - SOLVED

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Had the trio mapped out with buttons and axes and all that. Had to move my laptop, so I unplugged all three, restarted the computer in the meantime, and when I hooked them back up/fired up FS9, it seems that most of the assignments are lost.

The logfile shows repeated inputs of button 32, or whichever the hat switch "up" is. The view is trying to constantly pan up, which is what I had it mapped to previously.

The hat switch commands were mapped generally to all aircraft, but the specific aircraft commands were lost.

How can I fix/prevent this from happening? Do I have to go and recalibrate/reassign everything? The config file still shows all my aircraft assignments, strange that they just aren't recognized.

EDIT: I tried remapping everything, recalibrating, still showing the same repeated input. A little confusion on my part, the yoke is assigned controller 0, controller 1 is actually the Tquad, and the logfile says button 32 from controller one is inputting. But the quad doesnt have a button 32 (right?).

EDIT 2: After restarting a few more times, it seems to have resolved itself, not entirely sure what I did. Perhaps I switched the pedals/quad USB ports or something, or it just needed one more restart

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