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A little Respect for Pete Please

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Hi all,

This Forum, has to be one of the most dis-respecful forum i have seen. Just read some of the posts, and stuff people ask Pete.

I have no businees saying this but I dont care, I will stick up for the hunted and a fellow country man. Some people just ask the most absurd and crazy questions in the rudest manner i have seen. And often blame FSUPIC, (Which is still Free if you dont want the bells and whistles) for problems that FSUPIC has no controll over.

Please guys, please, think before posting, because if pete jacks this in, we are all done for, and Im not butt licking, I am looking after my own intrests as much as anything else.

Please maybe, its easy to get fustrated, but Pete handles this forum on his own, and you only have to look to see he answers question in a timley and often lenghty fashion.


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I don't think there has been much disrespecful posts on this forum (may be some dilletante questioning which, in my opinion, is normal). I noticed that Pete, as a professional in the field, answered all questions, sometimes with "a ready tongue" but always on the best of his knowledge and taking into account the pertinence of the question. Don't think he needs any special help for calming down



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