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Reading Joystick Buttons

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Hi All,

Firstly let me start by saying fsuipc is a great module stumbled into abt 2 years ago and only just got around to using it again.

i will cut to the chase, i am building my own little cockpit control setup as part of this i am employing some lcd modules and have got them running, now at the moment i am scripting the .ini file for fsuipc with button combinations i have 3 x buttons all with flag options so that i can use 2 x rotary to controll coms, nav etc.. my question is and i only ask this after reading fsuipc4 for advanced user,fsuipc for programmers and ofcourse the users guide, when you setup a button using the toggle a button flag within the .ini or button and switches tab in fsuipc what memory location is that then stored in .

The reason i ask this is because i am using SIOC's to setup lcd modules and on one of the screens i want to show button status as it may get more complex as combinations are added, as you may or may not know SIOC is event based so i need the memory location to trigger event SIOC can read direct from fsuipc, the reason i cannot programme this from SIOC's end is because i am not using there IO cards for buttons.



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