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cannot calibrate saitek yoke


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Hi Pete,

I am using FSUIPC 4.57 with saitek yoke, throttle and rudder. My configuration used to work OK, except for a right turning tendency on the ailerons. So I started deleting fsuipc settings in the fsuipc gui axis and calibration. I am seeing issues with the ailerons not working correctly and throttle. For example if i turn the ailerons to the right in calibration i get a16K value then if click on set onlyn 10K gets put in under max and If i try to set dead zones, the value on the left say 200 and I click on the middle "set" button uses a large -16K value and the beeps after clicking on various set buttons do not occur. Is there a way to clear out everything and start over. I am spending more time trying to troubleshoot than i do flying these days. I have all yoke settings off in FSX except for the hat switch. i renamed the origianl fsuipc configuration settings to try to start from scratch. Any debug logs I can check out. I'm running out steam trying to get this to work again.

please let me know of any details to provide. in summary , prop, mixture , rudder and brakes and all buttons work fine. only throttle and ailerons are faulty and I cant get a clean calibration.



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