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I everyone...my 1st post here. Merry X-Mas to all. I have the VRS f-18 and in the manual it says I need to disable the cowl flaps in order to use that trigger to fire weapons. I am lost....I have the Siatek x-52 running windows 7 and a purchased copy of fsuipc. Can anyone point me in the right direction? thanks, Brad

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To be honest, you would be far better asking for support on the VRS Hornet from the VRS Support Forum at their website, as most people here won't have the add-on to be able to assist you! ;)

However, presuming that this is just a simple control assignments question, if you go to Settings - Controls - Buttons/Keys inside FSX, you will see a list of all the internal functions available to FSX. Unless you have specifically assigned them using FSUIPC, in which case I'd hope you'd know what functions you were looking for anyway, then they will be assigned through this page.

Simply scroll down to Cowl flaps (close incrementally) and Cowl flaps (open incrementally), select the line and press the "Delete Key Assignment" button below the middle column to remove the key mapping. HOWEVER... remember that if you want to use the cowl flap key controls in any other aircraft, you will need to reassign them through this interface. The default controls are CTRL+SHIFT+C for close incrementally and CTRL-SHIFT+V for open incrementally.


Ian P.

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