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  1. They're replacement airfield faclities (AFD) files, adding parking spaces to airfields and airports that otherwise don't have them or don't have ones appropriate to the traffic that the location recieves. Ian P.
  2. First posts from a new user have to be authorised by a moderator prior - unless you'd like a forum full of ads, spam and "dodgy content"... It does explain that when you press post. :) I just got here, so your posts are now visible. ;) Cheers, Ian P. Forum Administrator
  3. Hi Bob, I'll message management and ask them whether anything has changed, but I've just tried two different service providers (3 mobile and Virgin Media) here in the UK and both have been able to connect without any issues. It does sound like a DNS update issue still, but it is weird that two different DNS services can't find it at the same time. Far from impossible, but a bit odd! Cheers, Ian P.
  4. I just managed to download OK from the "Updated Modules" thread - I suspect it was just a transient problem while a DNS table was updated somewhere. Cheers, Ian P.
  5. Kenmore Air are a bush operation in the Pacific Northwest USA and Canada - they'll be showing up because FSX uses the default Kenmore Cessna Caravan and Beaver floatplane as "generic" GA aircraft. http://www.kenmoreair.com/ Kruger Air I'm not sure about either. Maybe Burkhard can help with that one? Ian P.
  6. It would be better to send Kev a private message with your e-mail address, bazvink. If you hover your mouse over his username at the top left of his post (the "707fan" in blue), there's an option there to "PM this member". It would be better to send it like that, privately, than post it on an open public forum. Cheers, Ian P. Forum Admin.
  7. It's worth remembering that English is not Volker's first language - although his English is a very great amount better than my German!!! :oops: Volker was helping, but by the look of what I've seen, there's a bit of a language barrier here; people aren't understanding exactly what's being said by the other side of the discussion. Anyway. Glad it's working. Cheers, Ian P.
  8. It would be rather 'out of patch', but "BIG ISLE" is the callsign for Big Island Air of Hawaii: http://www.bigislandair.com/ "GRANDE" was Rio Grande Air of New Mexico, but they seem to have ceased to exist... http://www.bizjournals.com/albuquerque/stories/2004/06/21/daily11.html You wouldn't normally have a "zero" identifier for a flight, but it's not impossible - an identifier can be anything the company wants within reason. What I would suggest is opening the FSX ATC window and checking to see exactly what is being said, because it should all be listed there. Cheers, Ian P.
  9. Hi Terry, I've had another e-mail from Volker, which explains another option, which also makes sense... You've shared your FS directory, evidently with permissions of "Everyone", which will work fine, although it'll make PC security types sob into their keyboards. The question is, is FSX also on your "W:/" drive, or do you use that only for scenery? As Volker just pointed out to me, if the drive isn't shared and thus cannot be seen by the client PC, then FSC can't scan the BGL file to get the airport information. Anyway. It's only partially the position in your scenery library that determines what overwrites what. It's actually a series of entries in the BGL file, which are usually added by ADE, so I suspect they will be there, which are what disables scenery at a lower priority in the library... Or they should. The problem is, that doesn't always seem to work 100%, which is really annoying! The critical place to look is your Scenery Library inside the sim (i.e. through Settings/Scenery Library from the front page, or World/Scenery Library when flying). The theory is that Higher Priority (i.e. lower number on the right hand side, closer to the top of the list,) should take priority over Lower priority (higher number, further down the list) - provided that the two airport files use the same ICAO code and file structure. MTX should usually be located immediately above "Propellor Objects". I'm looking at my development FSX-SE install here, so that would put MTX at Priority 19 on this install. Addon Scenery is at Priority 12, so anything in my Addon Scenery would overwrite anything that Burkhard has put in MTX, provided the "remove" code is present and the file structure is the same. As you say, the only reason I recommended editing Burkhard's rather than the default, to add the ILS is because he adds extra parking spots which you would otherwise lose and you may not see traffic as a result. I thought one of Volker's recommendations was to only have one LEBB file present? It's always a good idea to disable one if you are using an alternative: Using Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer!) go to w:\FSX\MYTRAFFIC\scenery\ and click twice on BR2_LEBB.BGL add ".passive" on the end to make it "BR2_LEBB_BGL.passive" and it will stop being read by the sim, thus avoiding all the problems. Cheers, Ian P.
  10. It gives you an ability to briefly rapidly climb or descend, for example to avoid a conflict with another aircraft. In the real aircraft, the systems will stop you from reaching the stall, but that's apparently quite difficult to achieve in FSX coding, as every Airbus I've met yet has stalled or overspeeded when using Expedite. Cheers, Ian P.
  11. The problem isn't that you edited the wrong file, Terry - the problem is that FSX is reading two BGL files for the same airport, which is a known major issue. At least yours isn't crashing, which a lot of peoples' sims do! What's happening now is that it's reading the ILS in the first file it sees (scenery.cfg can be ordered in a different order than your scenery library in the sim, which I suspect is what's happening here), so it's displaying it. You really do need to ensure that one of the two is disabled, as both Volker and I have suggested, to ensure no problems between the two in the future. Edited to add: Something that Volker has pointed out in an e-mail to me has just made me have another thought as well... There are permissions issues in Windows 10 when communicating with Windows 7, especially if you use administrative shares (c$, d$, etc.) - are you using the same username on both PCs and are they both able to read/write to folders on each other? Cheers, Ian P.
  12. Right. We'll start with a simple question from me. Have you added an approach as well, or just the ILS? If you do not assign an approach as well as the ILS, then the ILS will not work properly (it'll be visible to the user aircraft, but only the user aircraft) - this is a known limitation of FSX and ADE will build you a simple approach if you ask it to, but you do need to ask it to. I would also VERY strongly recommend that you go into your w:\FSX\MYTRAFFIC\scenery\ folder and change BR2_LEBB.BGL to .passive or .bgl.passive. This is always recommended when you have multiple BGL files pertaining to an airport, because depending on what order FSX reads them in, either the MTX or your file can be read and that can cause many problems. Personally, I would recommend looking at Burkhard's BR2_LEBB file, rather than the default, to modify, as he will have added parking spots designed to work with MTX traffic that you will lose if you do not use his file. I strongly suspect, in this case, that while you are in fact seeing parts of both BGL files, because they are so similar, you aren't noticing, while FSC is only picking up Burkhard's modifications, not yours. Additionally, as a UK CAA IMC rated pilot, with a lot of friends and aquaintances in the flight training and airline industries, I can tell you for a fact that "real pilots" only use an ILS for convenience, if their workload is high, or because the weather demands it. Pilots want to fly, not watch instruments while the computer flies so they will always prefer a visual approach to keep their skills up or to manually fly the ILS if the weather demands. I have not seen the text of your e-mails, but the tone of your post here suggests that they are far from polite, which is wholly unacceptable when people are trying to help you. I have a similar situation to you - a Win7 notebook as a client and a Win10 desktop as a server. Please send me your modified ADE file and BGL file to ian@the_site_this_forum_belongs_to and I'll take a look. Ian P.
  13. Comodo is a Firewall package, Pete. What a lot of security software does now, rather than just blacklisting software that it doesn't recognise, is runs it in a "sandbox", where you can execute the application (e.g. an installer) to, basically, a virtual machine - it "extracts" it to a temporary store, rather than allowing it to write to the live Windows file system, Registry, etc. During this process it scans for "undesirable activity" and if it doesn't find any, it usually offers the user a choice to run the application 'properly'. Norton and Symantec both do it, as well, now. Like with all the hysterical, sorry, "heuristic", detections, I've never heard of one actually catching a piece of zero-day malware, but no-one has come up with a better method yet! To be honest, sandboxing is lot better than just blacklisting. Ian P.
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