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Spoiler Axis and Reverser Axis gone bonkers

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OK here goes,

I'm currently running FSX on Windows 7 Pro, I'm using the latest version of FSUIPC and I'm trying to setup two saitek usb throttle quadrants for the CRJ700.

So I have 6 levers as follows.

Quadrant 1

Lever 1 = Spoilers

Lever 2 = Throttle1

Lever 3 = Throttle2

Quadrant 2

Lever 1 = Reverser1

Lever 2 = Reverser2

Lever 3 = Flaps

Flaps work fine.

Problem 1

Throttles work fine until I move the reversers which are set for rev use so I have to pull them to increase reverse thrust, as soon as I pull them both throttles shoot to full thrust and the reversers do nothing.

Problem 2

Spoiler just go mad, again set in rev mode as I pull the lever it may or may not move the spoilers correctly but then when I get to full up for the spoilers I get major problems, as soon as I push the levers to bring the spoilers back down the lever on the display jumps all over the place and then it jumps to the spoilers fully up position and wont move until I move throttle 1 which makes it jump all the way to normal flight position, ie, spoilers down.

This problem also occurs on the boeing 747 and even with the spoilers down on screen the left spoilers are up and the plane just cannot fly, infact it tips over to the left.

I've tried deleting the ini file and starting all over again but I get the exact same response.

I've tried reading the manual and searching for ideas on this forum but I can't find anything that helps.

I've installed the latest version of the dll and still the same problem.

Any ideas that may help would be appreciated.



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How are you calibrating your levers? I only ask because I just went through something similar, re-assigning all my levers on three Saitek quads.

The critical thing is where you are assigning your central zones on the levers. If you calibrate them after assigning and, once calibrated, move the levers from one extreme to the other, watch the "Output" box next to each and check that it does, indeed, smoothly move from one extreme to the other. In order to make all the levers I assigned (2 throttle, 2 pitch, 2 mixture, 1 gear done using arcs, 1 flaps and 1 spoilers) work as expected, some of them needed the central "deadzone" settings at the maximum, some at the minimum and some at zero, in the middle of the arc. I can't check which were which at the moment, but it's worth looking into.

The way I assign reverse, however, is rather different to yours (it's called "cheating", I think...) - I assign the "reverse detent" switch on both levers 1 and 2 to "Throttle x dec", where x is 1 or 2 as appropriate, and tick repeat while held. I then set button release to be "Throttle x cut", thus as soon as I move the levers back to the idle detent, the engines go back to idle. That works fine for me, but it does tend to mean all or nothing on reverse thrust.

Ian P.

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