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I am working on the final construction of a sim for which I intend to seek FAA approval for use as a training aid and to gain the ability to officially log time spent in the sim. As part of this daunting process, I need to determine a method of evaluating transport delay time (system response time) between control input and system response, which must be below 300 milliseconds. I am quite confident that the configuration is much faster than this minimum, but I need to find a way to prove this. In addition, I need to obtain a statement of compatibility that says the following:

“This is to certify that <Name of Software Company or Developer> has demonstrated that the operating system and/or functional kernel(s) <Software part number and version/revision>, is fully compatible with <Name of ATD Manufacturer, Make and Model> and can assure that the communications/transport data latency is not greater than 300 milliseconds all analog and digital input signals meet the performance criteria established for software performance by the ATD manufacturer.”

The software system is running FS9 and uses FSUIPC 3.98 as well as WideFS 6.78. The flight controls are PFC and the avionics are Elite, all of which connect via USB. The computer is running XP2002 PRO on a 3 GHz CPU with 3 GB of RAM.

Has anyone had experience with this process? Any input?

Thank you.

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I apologize for the duplications. I'm unfamiliar with this forum and consequently didn't realize that my posts would be read as duplicates, so I tried posting in each category that I thought relevant.

In how many different sub forums are you going to post the same?

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