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The new CockpitStatus v 1.3 Precision Approach System

Ready for Download with your SimMarket Account. October 14-2011

Visit Intrasystem

CockpitStatus is including 2 programs:

- the original CockpitStatus


- the new ATIasHold + Approach System

The approach system is calculating with heading decimals 0,1 .. 0,9. There is a difference between your HSI Heading

and the real precise Heading due to rounding factors.

The runway-alignment is showing:

- Rundway Course deviation

- Rwy-RADIAL deviation (similar to the CDI) Impossible to loose orientation!

- When you cross the rwy-Radial-Center - Alert showing up -

The system is leading you to the rwy without seeing the runway.

The system is creating a virtual Waypoint at a distance of 15 nm aligned with the runway. 3nm before reaching the wpt the

Alert indication "Left Turn to Runway" is showing up.

When you use the wpt-reference you find your rwy 100% and at the right distance for a correct rwy-alignment.

The GlidePath is using the VASI-System for a visual reference.

For any Vor or Ndb, if aligned with the rwy, the heading + distance indication is evidenced with a Green-Color.

You can create a Direct >To Flightplan with 1 click. (same as with CockpitStatus)




The approach-system is precise + anticipating the 747-400 CDI deviation.





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The Precision Approach System - Example Flight The Approach System is working with any Runway. You do not need any frequency, ils etc... Here we see the example images flying with a DC-3 from LOWW (Austria) to LOXT - Rwy 05. The Rwy 05 is just a GRASS-Runway you don't even see. You can follow manually the Approach-Heading or with the Automatic approach system. Here we are using the Automatic Approach. We start at LOWW - Hdg 293 - Destination LOXT - Rwy 05 - Flaps position, Gear + Brakes shown. Distance to LOXT 21.9 nm - Direct Hdg 301°. A virtual waypoint is created for any Rwy at a distance of 15 nm from Rwy and aligned with the Rwy! We first fly to the waypoint, initial hdg 273° - distance 30.3 nm. You could first fly to any other waypoint of your choice. Important is that you reach the Rwy-Radial-Alignment / Glidepath as it is with any other System. screen50.jpg

Now we start the Automatic approach Heading to the Waypoint. Click on 'wpt: 274°/30,3' The green light is indicating that the Waypoint-Heading is 'ON'. screen51.jpg

Here we are at a distance of less then 5nm from waypoint. The automatic Heading is closing automatically. We must turn to the Runway-Heading. As we are Heading 264° and the Rwy-hdg is 048° we turn 'right'. screen53.jpg

When we reach approximately the rwy-hdg 048° our position is within the Approach-Area. Now we click on 'LOXT' - green light confirming automatic approach. The Wpt is now behind us.screen54.jpg

At the distance of 7,2nm you might see the Rwy. (without snow you would not see the rwy) screen55.jpg

At a distance of 4,2nm - the Rwy is in front of us.screen56.jpg

Now we are at a distance of 0,5nm. The Waypoint is exactly aligned on 228° at a distance of 15,6nm. At a distance of less than 0,3nm the automatic Approach system is 'OFF'. You hear the Alert Sound. You could make a final adjustment before landing.screen57.jpg Try approaching + landing without seeing anything (on any rwy). With CockpitStatus Approach System you can do it. CockpitStatus is only calculating with real Mathe Functions, not using return values from FS as it is with Gauges. It took 1 year of programming and tests to complete CockpitStatus, ATIasHold and Approach-System. CockpitStatus is really 'different'.

Intrasystem / CockpitStatus

Visit CockpitStatus: http://www.intrasystem.it/FSX/FSX.html


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