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  1. Just today i read this strange message. Lucien, Follow this: 1. You should sign in and Not stay behind a Guest Name 2. Here, there is no Nicolas ... 3. learn to digit the right way Have a good day
  2. > Settings/Realism page. (Messages) < i mean then 'Realism' configuration you find p.e. within the FSX configuration menu. I don't know if it is including the Door messages. If you follow the Link above you can exclude it. Not easy but possible with a Hex-Editor or dll-debugger. Maybe you find someone near to you that can help you. Always make a Backup of the original file. Raimund .
  3. Settings/Realism page. (Messages) Didn't Try it. Not sure if it is possible. You should search with the word "disable ....." http://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/showthread.php?212169-Hide-exit-closing-opening-text&p=1450099#post1450099 Raimund .
  4. Maybe it can be of help. My post is here and explaning in details how read and set data with the PMDG 737 + 777 using Simconnect and a transformed .h file x VB.net. Raimund .
  5. You must copy the original "Runways.txt" file that is created when you run "MakeRunways" > "makerwys.exe" (by Pete Dowson) into your actual working Folder where RwyLength is installed. (this Runways.txt file is about 100Mb) Install / unzip where you like. Create a separate Folder. This program is extracting: ICAO, country, City, Apt-name ..... Rwy-ID, length in ft, le in meter, le in nautic miles. Click on [ Start ] (creating a new txt-file you can use and extract data in case you need this data for your own applications) Later on, selecting the new created (shorter) File, the program start is faster. You could use this program (with your own application) p.e. for creating a precise Runway-Length graphic display. (when the APL passed 70% of rwy-Le the graphic could change color or a sound is advicing you) What you need is the position Lat/Lon where your Runway is starting. If the Aircraft is ready for take-off you can calculate the precise Rwy-Distance left based on: Lat/Lon Pos Start-Rwy - Distance to any next or destination lat/lon position - considering the RywLenght and your actual Apl-Position lat/lon. Input a ICAO into the Search-Field > click [ S ]earch button > select the List-Item-Airport. Input a ICAO into the Search-Field > direkt connection to Charts and Airport Information. The Charts [ Charts and Airport Data ] Button is connecting you directly to: L-click >" flightaware" world airport information R-click >" SkyVector" world aiports + Charts [ Help ] x avoiding Web-Scanning: User: Runway Pwd: 12345 Free Download here: http://www.intrasystem.it/FSX/RwyLength/RwyLength.rar Raimund . Credits to Pete Dowson the Author of MakeRunways. .
  6. Try this one: Dim FsVersion As Offset(Of Short) = New FSUIPC.Offset(Of Short)(&H3308) Dim iShort As Short = FsVersion.Value Select Case iShort Case 1 Me.txtFsVersion.Text = "FS98" Case 2 Me.txtFsVersion.Text = "FS2000" Case 3 Me.txtFsVersion.Text = "CFS2" Case 4 Me.txtFsVersion.Text = "CFS1" Case 5 Me.txtFsVersion.Text = "Fly!" Case 6 Me.txtFsVersion.Text = "FS2002" Case 7 Me.txtFsVersion.Text = "FS2004" Case 8 Me.txtFsVersion.Text = "FSX" Case Else Me.txtFsVersion.Text = "FS ?" End Select
  7. You can read and write offsets for the PMDG-777 with the Pmdg777 SDK. When coding with VB.net you can include the translated SDK (x VB.net) for the Pmdg777. You read and set all those values. You need the Microsoft.FlightSimulator.Simconnect.dll and the PMDG_777X_SDK.h > in your VB.net "Release" Folder. Just read this Post > By the way: you can use the FSX Simconnect.dll for reading and setting the Spoiler "Tick number" and the "Spoiler position value". There is no problem with using different sistems together. The route distance "from" > "to" can be calculated in this way: (this is the real nautical mathe formula) Dim LatitudeAircraft As Offset(Of Long) = New FSUIPC.Offset(Of Long)(&H560) 'Latitude Dim LongitudeAircraft As Offset(Of Long) = New FSUIPC.Offset(Of Long)(&H568) 'Longitude Lat1 = LatitudeAircraft.value Lon1 = LongitudeAircraft.value lat1 = lat1 * 90 / (10001750D * 65536D * 65536D) lon1 = lon1 * 360 / (65536D * 65536D * 65536D * 65536D) 'Dim d As Double 'lat2, lon2 = destination coordinates that could be the runway center Start position d = distance(lat1, lon1, lat2, lon2, "N") 'distance between 2 Pos 'Function calculate lat, lot between 2 points in distance Function distance(ByVal lat1, ByVal lon1, ByVal lat2, ByVal lon2, ByVal unit) As Double Dim theta, dist theta = lon1 - lon2 dist = Math.Sin(deg2rad(lat1)) * Math.Sin(deg2rad(lat2)) + Math.Cos(deg2rad(lat1)) * Math.Cos(deg2rad(lat2)) * Math.Cos(deg2rad(theta)) 'Dim dist As Double 'read distance result with 1 or 2 decimals .ToString("f2") dist = acos(dist) ' used if theta in calculation is used dist = rad2deg(dist) distance = dist * 60 * 1.1515 Select Case UCase(unit) Case "K" 'Kilometer distance = distance * 1.609344 Case "N" 'Nautic miles distance = distance * 0.8684 End Select End Function 'convert decimal degreees to radians Function deg2rad(ByVal Deg) deg2rad = CDbl(Deg * pi / 180) End Function 'convert radians to decimal degrees Function rad2deg(ByVal Rad) rad2deg = CDbl(Rad * 180 / pi) End Function 'get arccos using the arctan function Function acos(ByVal rad) Dim pi As Double = 3.14159265358979 acos = 0 If Math.Abs(rad) <> 1 Then acos = pi / 2 - Math.Atan(rad / Math.Sqrt(1 - rad * rad)) ElseIf rad = -1 Then acos = pi End If End Function Public Function Atan2(ByVal y As Double, ByVal x As Double) As Double Dim Pi As Double = 3.14159265358979 If y > 0 Then If x >= y Then Atan2 = Math.Atan(y / x) ElseIf x <= -y Then Atan2 = Math.Atan(y / x) + Pi Else Atan2 = Pi / 2 - Math.Atan(x / y) End If Else If x >= -y Then Atan2 = Math.Atan(y / x) ElseIf x <= y Then Atan2 = Math.Atan(y / x) - Pi Else Atan2 = -Math.Atan(x / y) - Pi / 2 End If End If End Function Always specify when referring to a PMDG aircraft You would need a similare calculation approach when using the pmdg / VB.net SDK. Raimund .
  8. """ calculate the distance from a aircraft position and track to a runway """ What do you mean exactly ? Just on Ground or also from Aircraft-Air position to any Rwy Center-Start-Position. Maybe i can help you. Given Lat/Lon it is easy to calculate. Raimund .
  9. Hi Fred, "At Landing" or "at/during Landing Approach". There is a difference. You get the V/S data while approaching and Landing via FSUIPC as well as the ALT value and Speed. What you are looking for is your personal idea i don't think you will find a ready code for it. You need V/S, ALT and Speed values as well as the distance to the runway and the Rwy-ALT for a acceptable result to save. The sequence of your Data within your DB is important. Raimund .
  10. For creating a RAAS system maybe this small program i enclose could be of help. Program "RwyLength.rar" enclosed. You must copy the original "Runways.txt" file that is created when you run "MakeRunways" > "makerwys.ex" (by Pete Dowson) into your actual working Folder where RwyLength is installed. (Runway.txt file is 100MB) This program is extracting: ICAO, country, City, Apt-name ..... Rwy-ID, length in ft, le in meter, le in nautic miles. creating a new txt-file you can use and extract data. regards Raimund RwyLength.rar
  11. Hi, there are 2 posts within this page. PMDG offsets + Offsets PMDG. I think there you find the solution. The Pmdg SDK is including the over head panel so you can access any Button + Switches. You can use Simconnect together with FSUipc. Raimund .
  12. The NGX_SDK including the CDU data will be translated like the previous NGX_SDK for direct access. You can't modify the enclosed SDK Class vor VB.net; It must be rewritten including the CDU data. The CDU part is a different structure using: 14 lines with 24 characters. Symbol, Color and Attributes. Total data is 1008 bites. The CDU Text can then be extracted. Raimund .
  13. I don't have this latest Pmdg SDK file. My Sdk file i translated for Vb.net with a copy of the Ngx-Sdk and then included within a program. I'm not using the NGX but the Pmdg_777. Read my message about it. Pls. just state/write the SDK lines you are interested in. Raimund
  14. Hi, i think what you are look for is a bit more complicated. the right approach is quite different. 1) you need a Class containing the PMDG SDK "translation" for VB.net (Form5.vb + SDK2.vb x NGX) (Form6.vb. + SDK.vb x 777) 2) you need a Class/Form connecting to FSX "Microsoft.FlightSimulator.SimConnect" reading all VAR 3)the Form is including Sub proc's you can call from any other Form. (return val by global var is better then a Function) I'm using this forms with my Programs. You can even fly the PMD-NGX in automatic with your program. With your Main-Form you are still using a normal Simconnect connection. The Form5/6 is using a separate Simconnect connection. Carefully read the files included with then attached "PMDG_VB_Code.rar" file. Form5 + Form6 (not visible) are plain Form's including a VB "DataGridView" used for reading in the PMDG/SDK.vb class and extracting single Index-Data. I can't go deeper into details here. Hope it can be of help to you. Nota: In case of Compile problems you must check your "app.config" file. Maybe you need to change the supported Runtime to <supportedRuntime version="v4.0" sku=".NETFramework,Version=v4.0"/> A 2 byte value is reading: newValue = fields(224).GetValue(da) Dim sb As New StringBuilder() For Each j As Object In DirectCast(newValue, IEnumerable) sb.AppendFormat("{0} ", j) 'ON = '1 Next B777_APON = sb.ToString.Contains("1") The NGX SDK is a bit different and reading the value directly. Raimund . PMDG_VB_Code.rar
  15. Your first post is quite different and anyone can read it. If english is your mother Language please improve. Language is the only mean for comunicating. http://forum.simflight.com/forum/173-intrasystems-support-forum/ Try this one and revert. http://forum.simflight.com/topic/79834-mouseclicks-keyboard-keys-automatic-execution/#entry483607 Raimund .
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