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Autpilot is not detected

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The problem is that a lot of complex aircraft - such as PMDG, LDS, Captain Sim - do not use the default autopilot. To be fair to them, this is because the default FSX autopilot is pretty diabolical compared to modern Flight Management Systems.

What they do instead is code their own autopilots from scratch, which are then activated using their own autopilot switch - the FSX autopilot is not called or used in any way, which is why the offset cannot detect when the autopilot is on.

Some developers, such as Level D Simulations, provide SDKs that give out the information as to what is needed to engage/disengage/change settings on aircraft functions. Others (CS, PMDG) do not. In those instances, the only way I am aware of that you will be able to detect or change the setting of an autopilot is to find out which LVar (Local VARiable) setting is used by the developer and directly read from that.

Ian P.

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That will only apply to the LDS767, though. It won't help with any other model.

I've just thought of another example that you'll have problems with - FeelThere/Wilco also use their own FMS code.

Sorry! :neutral:

Ian P.

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