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Win7 / FS9/ cybor gX joy

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commands change them self's

commands reverse them self's

when FSUIPC un-installed default controls ok

What about editing a manual CFG setting for Ailerons

Aileron=9443,9443,9443,16380 I know this is wrong

but I get win7 error sound when setting joystick calibration within FSUIPC.

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I can't help directly as I no longer use FS9/FSUIPC3 - however I do have a Saitek Cyborg X stick, which I have successfully used with Windows 7 and FSX/FSUIPC4, so I don't think this is a general problem with Win7 and the CyborgX.

Pete is currentlt away, but will respond as soon as possible when he returns.

Best regards,

Ian P.

sF Forum Admin Team.

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Thanks for input.

After uninstall / reinstall FSUIPC3 / unplug / repluge joy every thing settled down.

Without going into detales I spent a lot of cash on a very high end system built for FSX only to

find out FSX will only uses 2 cores. The best FR I could get was around 20/plain scenery

and single digit for complex scenery.

With FS9 all sliders maxed and payware scenery I get 500+ and 60+ steady respectively.

Oh ok ill tell you my sys spects:

Ir7 Core 950 @ 3.07Gz

Installed RAM 12Gb

Win7_64 bit

AMD Radeon HD 6900

3 19" LCDs VGA @ 3840X1024

3 17" LCDs Digital @ 3840X1024

Two 1 Tera bite HDs



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FSX was developed (a mistake, as the developers later accepted) as a single core application, assuming that core speeds would get faster rather than multiple cores become the norm. It was patched to use multiple cores, although really not very well and will never be a true multi-core application.

You should still get a lot more peformance from your rig than you are. Can I suggest running your FSX.cfg through Jesus Bojote's tweaking tool (http://www.venetubo.com/fsx.html) and seeing what that achieves?

Ian P.

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WOW Ian, Im looking at tuning tool page now.

Im on my XP computer so Ill try it later.

But ya know I looked at lot of stuff for FS9 that I held back on

because of performance hit On my XP computer.

I was never the 1st on the block

to have the newest anything, ever!

Now that the prices of FS9 addons are coming down

I can go for years and just eat the FSX investment.

I seem to be the last to know but i just found out Microsoft

is producing a new FS and maybe they get it right this time and I

think Im just far enough ahead of the curve that the next computer

upgrade won't hurt pocket book so bad.


(not to far from the truth)

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Microsoft Flight is... more rumours than fact at the moment. They've announced it, they're putting up the odd pic or video (all only showing Hawaii and GA aircraft, which leads to more conjecture) but they're saying next to nothing about it.

From talking to a lot of FS developers, the answer seems to be that whatever Flight turns out to be, FSX is far from dead - although FS9 support is now starting to die out because it simply cannot do what FSX can. That doesn't make it a bad simulator, or mean that people should stop using or developing for it, though. As you pointed out above, it can be a lot smoother performing sim for many people and in some areas (particularly airliner flying) it is probably still better for many people than FSX is, because of the range of add-ons available.

Personally, after using FSX, I've tried to go back to FS9 several times and every time I've uninstalled it, but that's my personal preference.

The important bit is that my rig is a lot slower than yours (i7 at 2.40GHz, albeit overclocked by the mobo when a load is put on it), but I'm flying over the US in heavy clouds generated by Active Sky Evolution (meaning multiple layers), in a very complex aircraft (A2A Accu-Sim B-17G) and I'm getting almost 40fps. I find FSX perfectly flyable down to around 15fps personally. Below that, it starts getting very choppy and difficult to control accurately.


Ian P.

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