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Problems Adjusting PMDG NGX Trim

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Hello All

I'm currently attempting to adjust the trim of the PMDG NGX via my Saitek yoke using the left-hand rocker switch.

The rocker switch has been allocated the commands, Offset Sword Decrement / Offset Sword Increment, with parameters of 328/-16383 and 328/16383 respectively (exactly the same setup as used on my iFly 737NG). However, these appear to have no effect in the PMDG NGX, ie, no trim wheel movement.

What's interesting is that if I allocate the trim up to the standard elevator trim up command (which is too slow for my taste), the trim wheel moves up. If I they subsequently attempt to trim down using the Offset Sword Decrement, I (as stated above) see no effect. However, if I then trim up again, the trim pointer on the centre pedestal immediately 'jumps' down several positions before starting to move back up.

From this, I'm thinking that although trimming down using the Offset Sword Decrement command 'appears' to have had no effect (because the trim wheel does not move), the fact that when I then start trimming back up the position indicator moves down first suggesting that it did actually move, but gave no visual indication of this ???

To get around the problem I thought that I could setup mouse macros to the trim wheel actions, but although I start a mouse macro, I just don't seem to be able to get a recognisable macro action when I mouse click either of the trim wheel positions.

I'm currently using FSUIPC version

Hope this makes sense.



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Still another direction, I am not to familiar to the NGX, but does it have a aircraft.cfg file where you can change this setting in the flight tuning section elevator_trim_effectiveness = 1.0 <-- maybe increase to 1.2. I think 2.0 is the limit

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