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ELITE King Air Throttle Quadrant for PMDG and other planes


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Well now i Tested the work from the other day whit PMDG 737 and J41 and works (only throttles) It was tested whit other payware and worked to so far i found that Airbus X dosen´t work...

NOTE: about the 737NGX there is 1 limit A/T must ONLY be turned on when the AP should hadle the throttles as it would stop the input from the Elite device, it was a nesesary thing to get the best out of the NGX so the A/T dosent disconect and might give some unwanted behaviur...

This is a good news for customers whit the ELITE King Air Throttle Quadrant...as it opens the options to be used whit more than Default planes as so far we seen problems when A/T had to be used.

ok first insert the lua file to the modules folder then open the fsuipc.ini file and add:

this is for it to run whit all planes...

If it is the first time and you dont have other lua to run whit any planes then add this as the last line:


1=Lua throttles

els if you already have the [Auto] sektion the ad: X=Lua throttles changse X to match the next number after the last one you have.

ok If you only want it to operate for a sepcific aircraft or profile use [Auto.<name>] instead... and remember to look for ShortAircraftNameOk and changes No to yes ...


now we only need the calibration and i give you here the option for all planes:

go look for: [JoystickCalibration] where you go there look for Throttle1=<numbers> and Throttle2=<numbers> if you have them just copy pasted the lines below, if they isent there just add them at the last line.



when done it might look like this:




























Thats it have a nice flight....

Elite throttles.zip

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Here is a small update i had to make in order to get the hardware to work whit planes that have 3 or 4 engins i had to include that aswell as i just update it anyway

as a small note in oder to control all 3 eng at once i had to make a changes so you might have to cheat the sim to think we had 4 eng that way leaver 1 controls eng 1 and 2 and leaver 2 eng 3+4. its sad that there isent a option for that under 3 eng only 4 so a edit of the aircraft.cfg is nessersary. 3 would work but odd as you know the lever ranges are different so its not posible to get eng 3 in full reverse so thats why i edit it´s just a small tip.. as all the file here does is to get A/T working.. at any time and configuaration you chose

Best regards Lars N.

updatet file for ELITE.zip

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