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Microsoft Flight Simulator IS NOT RESPONDING

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Mr. Pete,

As you may know already, the PMDG 737NGX bought. After running this plane, I realized that FSX freezes for a few moments, and after a few minutes of flight, FSX crashes with the message:

Microsoft Flight Simulator IS NOT RESPONDING.

I tested other planes and the problem also appears, but not consistently like 737NGX. I asked some friends to help, and I got the suggestion to uninstall FSUIPC to evaluate the result. It was surprising, since the problem disappeared completely, Flight Simulator returned to work fully 100%. I received the news from a friend in the city of Rio de Janeiro which is also having the same problem.

I took my computer to a technical assessment, and we found no hardware problems, computer i7 has its perfect operation.

Please help me ! What's going on? What should I do? For accurate FSUIPC installed in FSX.

Nobody is able to solve the problem.

I tested other older versions of FSUIPC, but the problem continues.

I noticed that in version 4.84 has an alert on a file. Believe is guidance on pdf fix something, but I could not understand.

I await response brief.

Thank you!

Max Stefano

São Paulo-Brazil

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I formatted my computer again, and it only has Windows 7, FSX and 737NGX. No more addon to avoid interference. The problem continues. In the early afternoon, unhappy with all this, and 737NGX FSX installed on the computer from my son, who never had FSX installed. It's another computer, another motherboard, another video card, other memories, no relation to my i7. And my son runs everything perfectly all he wants and likes. Well, I installed everything and did the test. Result: The SAME THING HAPPENS, THE SAME WAY LOCK, GIVE THE SAME MESSAGE FLIGHT SIMULATOR NOT RESPONDING AND LOCK, paralyzing the functioning of 737NGX PMDG and FSX. I uninstalled FSUIPC and everything is working again perfectly. Today completes 1 month'm in this fight to find out, because this problem happens.

I await guidance!

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AndyDigital friend:

I thank you immensely for your reply, and my solution instruction serious problem which I considered. I followed their guidance fully and thus were eliminated both problems with FSUIPC as the PMDG 737NGX with that now, as the actions carried out his instructions, the plane is flying FSX perfectly and fully functioning 100%.

Thank you friend, thank you so much! Now I'm happy!

Take this opportunity to inform everyone that FSUIPC Mr. Downson presents no problem, so as the PMDG 737NGX presents no problem. All problems catching FSX was being caused by the program Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essential.

I greatly appreciate the friend, because today ends two months of suffering on the location of the defect.


São Paulo-Brazil

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