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Changing the amount of brake(button)

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Hello guys

First of all im new at simflight.com

My problem is im using saitek yoke and it has a red button at the back of it. Im using it for brake because i dont have rudder peddals yet.But when i press it it make full brake. Its cause an immediate brake and deceleration. But i was nice slow deceleration.

So what i want to do is when i press the brake button it will supply %50 brake like using the rudder peddals. How can i do this.




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Hi Bahadir

One way of solving this is to add a parameter to your button function:

Assuming that you have a registered copy of FSUIPC:

Click on Buttons + Switches

Press your button you want to use,

Tick the (Select for FS control) box

Select (Brakes) in the (Control sent when button pressed) field

Set a value in the (Parameter) box >>> for example a value of 0 will give you 50% breaking action... (-16383 = 0% breaking +16383 = 100% braking action)

Tick the (Control to repeat while held) box

This should work...

See attached screen shot... the green boxes may not be required




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Hi Bahadir,

It will only repeat while the button is pressed and I think the repeater rate is fixed at 6/sec or so... if the breaking is too strong, you can always use a value lower than 0... for example -5000 or -7000.

If you keep pushing the button, the aircraft will eventually come to a stop so you will need to release the button priror of reaching taxi speed.

If the aircraft stops even though you released the button please add the values marked in green (see screenshot) this should release the break when you release the button.

Hope this helps


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