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Lingering brake calibration and PMDG NGX autobrake problem

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Hi Pete;

Was tearing what little is left of my hair out last night trying to discern why the autobrakes in the PMDG NGX had suddenly stopped working. I had apparently made a global change when I assigned the pedal axes direct to calibration while trying to get the Aerosoft Scarebus to behave in-between catastrophic CTDs. I deleted the FSUIPC assignment for the pedal axes and set the NGX' aircraft-specific calibration page to "not processed", but could not get the autobrakes on the NGX to return to working.

It turned out that FSUIPC had left a dangling assignment in the calibration section of the .ini file (LeftBrake=0) which somehow had FSUIPC still intervening with the brake axis or axes. The PMDG NGX autobrake does not play well with others--pretty much any intervention by FSUIPC causes the autobrakes on the NGX to malfunction. I found that I had to manually remove the LeftBrake= line from the Calibration section to get things to work again. Oddly, the RightBrake= line had been deleted, so I pass this along in case there might be a minor bug that's preventing the removal of the appropriate lines in the .ini when the assignment/calibration is deselected in the menu. I'm using 4.859m

Happy New Year to you and yours.

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