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Hello Pete.

First, my english languaje is very bad.

I'm going to try to explain my problem.

Two days ago I started my fs9 and I loaded a flight.

I have the MCP combo Boeing, and I started the software(VRSIM) of the MCP combo, and appears a window to select the plane I want to fly.

I select the Md82 Leonardo and push the bottom Fly Now and suddenly appears a window with this title FSUIPC PROBLEM!: THE FSUIPC.DLL code signature does not verify! Please check that the cryptographic services are running, or try applying the supplied globalsign root fix. you'll then need to restart FS.

Then I go to the menu of the FS and see that in modules the fsuipc exists, but it,s unregistered...I was very surprised..

Then, I consultated with my virtual flight company friends about this problem, and they advised me that reinstall the fsuipc again and register it like existing register...

Then I downloaded the last version of fsuipc and start the reinstalling process.

When start this process, appears a window with this title: FSUIPC INSTALLER: FOUND FS9, tha say: problem! My signature check on the installed FSUIPC.DLL. Please that and not listed as a "UNTRUSTED PUBLISHER" in Internet Explorer(Internet options-content-publishers).

Then I go to this place and I test of several ways to find where is listed (I don't know with what name is listed fsuipc) but I didn't find anything about fsuiop.

So, I decided to deleted all the list from untrusted publisher(editores de no confianza in spanish) and the fsuipc doest,n work. Still appears the same window to half the installation.

I don't know what to do.

i use the fsuipc for the MCP combo, FS keeper, to program all my Joys (I have two Proflight Yoke System, Rudders, Three Joys programated with Macros, and more and more.

I can't flght without fsuipc.

I need a solution please.

Thanks in advace.

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