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Aileron Trim Offsets. (For slower smoother trim)

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Hi Pete or anyone who might help.

I just used the example given in the main user guide for my registered copy of FSUIPC for the off set elevator trim. With further reading I see I needed the FSUIPC for programers to get the offset for aileron trim. I would like to use the same procedure for my aileron trim.

I seached the FSUIPC for programmers and only found the offset for HELO trim. IE



Helo bank (aileron) trim control: ・16383 to +16383, but only when ―ApplyHeloTrim‖set to ‗oth・.

Is this the offset for aileron trim as well?



Aileron trim deflection, in radians, as a double (FLOAT64). Right turn positive, left turn negative.

I am new to the offset procedure and would appreciate guidance. THANKS SO MUCH!

This works wonderful as I have my X52 set up so I have an AXIS for trim, then another button style trim for slower and then I use my mousewheel as trim for very fine trim adjustments.


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Well, THANK YOU fine sir that did it!! Very nice in deed.

So the aileron OFFSET is 0C02 and the PARAMETER I am using is 64/16383 for the SWORD INCREMENT and 64/-16383 for the SWORD DECREMENT, and it works VERY VERY well. Much more realistic to the actual aircraft of which I fly.

For anyone wishing to use this for your ELEVATOR TRIM the OFFSET is x0BC0 and I use the same parameters for the SWORD INCREMENT and the SWORD DECREMENT as above.

The real benefit of this is I have now been able to offload the trim task from one of my axis wheels on my controller and I no longer need the mouse wheel as this is fine enough tuning for what I need.

Thanks so much mgh!! :) Where and or how did you find what the offset number was so I can experiment with others.

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Where and or how did you find what the offset number was so I can experiment with others.


From FSUIPC4 Offsets Status.pdf. You can down it (with other documentation) by going to the thread Download Links|Documentation on this site

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