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MakeRwys.exe - Why read FSX's scenery config dated 2007?

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Hi Pete,

My question is along the lines of Jim P's question dated 10 January in another thread which I didn't want to highjack. So here's mine.

While preparing text to post on the Pro-ATC/X forum related to the need to rebuilt the utility's scenery database when changing FTX regions using FTX Central, I updated my copy of MakeRwys.exe and for the first time since I've been using your utility (I know, shame on me), read your ReadMe file which accompanies it. I was surprised to read that the utility reads the scenery config file which resides in the main FSX directory and not the one which gets updated every time FSX's Scenery Library is adjusted. Here are a few observations after comparing the two and I know this reflects my setup in terms of addon scenery:

- the two files don't match in terms of size and coverage (the file in the FSX directory has 120 layers while the one in the ProgramData directory has 244 layers) (for example, there's no entry showing that a separate scenery file exists for the new FsDreamTeam CYVR scenery and that it has higher priority than any FTX region);

- the file in the main FSX directory is dated 2007 while the file under 'C\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX is dated yesterday which is the last time FSX's Scenery Library was changed (switched FTX region from North America to Australia);

-considering that I, as many others do, download new/adjusted scenery files which occasionally contain adjusted AFCADs which often replace original FSX data such as runway coordinates (realignment of runways in accordance with today's data), I suspect that the scenery config file in the main FSX directory which is dated 2007 doesn't account for this new information;

Pete, I'm sure there's a logical explanation and don't want to impose on you the requirement of a detailed technical reason but just helping me understand would be much appreciated.

By the way, you might be interested in the post I made reference to in my first paragraph. If you do read it and have time, I'd be interested in any comments you might have.


I see you're back on the 14th probably from a well deserved holiday. Your reply would be appreciated but is not urgent.





Hi Pete,

There's no need to respond. The statement which applies to FS9 must have caught my attention and distracted me from reading further! The statement which applies to FSX, ". . . MakeRunways will find the correct Scenery.CFG file automatically . . . " clearly suggests that the appropriate (the correct) configuration file will be used.

Welcome back!


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