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Is FSUIPC for me ?

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I use FSX with Traffic X, PMDG737 NGX and FSPassengers.

I am more than happy with everything apart from one thing - the weather and in particular the massive swings in wind direction and speed.

My understanding is that FSUIPC will smooth the weather transitions and stop these massive jumps.

I use Real World Weather in FSX and want something that I don't have to spend hours configuring everytime is use it - just press a button, download the weather and go.

I realise that FSUIPC probably does much much more but I am converned that it may adversely interact with my other add-ons and create lots of problems.

Any help appreciated

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Unless you specifically tell it to, or an add-on developer whose product uses it does, FSUIPC will sit there in the background and do nothing but create logs... It will only do as much or as little as you tell it to.

In terms of wind and pressure changes, yes, it does and will do that - it's the primary reason I bought a license for it in the first place. Also, yes, it can do much, much more besides if you ask it to. You do have to assign it tasks and functions, though. It doesn't just jump in and take things over.

All the documentation is available if you install the free version of FSUIPC so what I would suggest is that you do that (you'll need to register to enable 99% of the functionality) and take a look at the manuals.

All the best.

Ian P.

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