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Mouse Macros: A bit of help please

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These macros are invaluable when doing almost anything with the Majestic Dash 8. However, there are a couple (at least) of things that I ame uncertain about.

1. Can a MCRO file be edited in the same manner as a .cfg file? I would like to correct a few typos and remove some entries that I set up poorly.

2.When typing the name of a mcro, whenever one of the "view" keys is used it also changes the view. The "A", "S", "W", etc. are used a lot so my views are frequently jumping. Is there a way to prevent this?

Thanking in advance for some help.

Regards to all

Neal H

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1. Yes you can edit the Macro files with Notepad, I change the names too from time to time as some add-ons cause some keys to not function because they trap them for exclusive use by that add-on.

2. I suspect the view is changing because you are using EZDok Camera, if you were using the default view system only then those keys would not do anything when you were naming your macro as FSUIPC traps them and stops FSX from detecting them when you are entering a name. FSUIPC isn't able to stop EZDok from seeing those keys being pressed as it is likely capturing them externally to the sim and so before FSUIPC gets a chance to trap them.

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